Take Your Business To Beijing Using A Serviced Office

Take Your Business To Beijing Using A Serviced Office

Beijing is an ideal choice when expanding or relocating in China. Given that it is the biggest city in the northern part of the country, it is also the first choice of most companies when it comes to investment matters. Its key locale and industrialized groundwork are the factors that help attract businesses (i.e. start-ups or small ventures) to pick China’s capital as the best area for moving their companies forward. But what sets Beijing apart even more would be its fully furnished and fully serviced offices. The metropolis truly has what it takes to help companies and professionals to succeed further in their respective industries.

Why it is recommended to start or expand your business in Beijing using a serviced offices

Other than the fact that Beijing is a major transport hub for the whole of China, the city also connects most of its main roads, railways and airports to different parts of the country. Other than that, the city is also considered an educational and culturally rich center. Moreover, tourism has been booming for the country, making it a go to place by people around the world.

Serviced offices in Beijing

Serviced offices Beijing are those that already come fully furnished, fully serviced and fully equipped. These office suites are generally located in some of the most influential areas in the city. Having an elite workplace such as this will help you and your business to achieve success because it offers a lot of cost-effective business solutions. You will certainly be able to experience massive savings by availing of this office setup as opposed to purchasing or renting a traditional office space. Here are just some of the inclusions that you can benefit from when availing of a managed suite:

  • A stylish private office that is completely furnished and equipped with the latest tools (top-of-the-line computer, telephone line, fast Internet connection).
  • A support team (always ready at your beck and call) that can help handle issues that may concern IT, maintenance, reception, cleaning and security.
  • A secretarial and administrative support (no need to hire, train and pay for additional admin staff)
  • A versatile receptionist (handles and forwards calls, validates and sends out mail)
  • A cutting-edge IT and telecommunications system
  • IT-equipped training and conference facilities (i.e. high-tech video and teleconferencing tools), whenever you need these for your meetings.
  • Shared reception, cafes, lounges and pantries – useful for break times.
  • Flexible payment terms (no set long-term contracts, frees you from unnecessary fixed costs, lets you control your cash flow)

Experience professionalism and a boost productivity with a serviced office

Having a prestigious address in one of the prime locations of Beijing can help boost your company’s brand further. So a prime location can definitely help your business to look more professional. Moreover, old and new clients and suppliers would certainly find your location favorable, and would not hesitate in visiting you for meetings or informal business gatherings. Other than that, productivity in your company will also experience an upsurge, as your support team will handle all of your day-to-day dealings while you focus more on the important business matters.

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