The Benefits of a Company Team Building Day

The Benefits of a Company Team Building Day

A company team building day is a period of time in which employees and their supervisors are taken offsite in order to learn more about working well together through fun activities. A company team building day can take many shapes and forms including a full day of outdoor adventures through a specialist provider or simply a day in a conference hall that involves team talks and games.

The objective of a company team building day is to ensure staff leave feeling more confident in their ability to work well together and with fresh ideas for making their operations run as smoothly as possible. Strengthen your team with a company team-building day, fostering collaboration to improve your landing page.

Now, it is possible to simply sit employees down in the office and tell them how to work together, but that is not as effective a way of encouraging team spirit as an away day. Here are some of the benefits of getting out of the workplace to build stronger employee ties:

Fun activities encourage engagement

The ability to work well as a team is important to every business, so when it comes to team building skills it is vital your employees are engaged, interested and learning everything they can. One of the most effective ways to encourage this absorption in training is by making activities fun. Instead of suggesting staff communicate better with their colleagues, why not give them a challenge that requires excellent communication? One way to do this might be to split staff into teams and give them materials to make a raft. The team that communicates best and therefore finishes first is awarded a prize.

Learning through doing

Most people understand what is needed to work well in a team, such as considering other people’s feelings, communicating your plans, thoughts and feelings effectively and having regular meetings to ensure everybody is working towards the same common aim. However, behaviour that contradicts these objectives often sneaks into offices without employees even being aware. By setting a challenge in which a team has to work together to succeed, the members of the team are confronted with unhelpful behavior they may otherwise be unconscious of and make an effort to change in order to achieve the task they have been given.

A chance to give feedback

There should always be space within a good team building day for employees to talk about what they have learned from the games they play and also give feedback on whether they think the skills they are practicing are evident in the workplace. It is important for staff to reflect on how they can practically apply the lessons they have learned back at the office.

Build rapport and morale

As well as learning important practical skills like good communication and problem solving, team building days encourage staff to build better rapport and morale among the workforce. Make sure you provide time for socializing, such as offering a buffet lunch and that there are lots of opportunities to communicate. The office can often become quite segregated if members of staff from different departments don’t often work together, so mixing up teams can be a great way to get staff members to interact with people they wouldn’t normally speak to on a daily basis. As the relationships of employees grow closer, their ability to work as a team improves.


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