The Difference between “Spam” and “Wham!”: Maximizing Your Email Marketing Campaign

Maximizing Your Email Marketing Campaign

According to a survey by Harris Interactive*, the average number of emails an employee can handle each day before crying out is 50, double what the average professional gets each day**. For smartphone users, the number of users experiencing information overload is 25% greater than for the less-connected.  And experts predict that as more email-connected devices infiltrate daily life, the number of people experiencing “email-enabled” stress will also climb.  Recent projects are that we are sending 294 billion emails – a day – leading to a wave of “cyber overload” in the workplace and personal life.

To differentiate your email marketing campaigns, the services of an direct mail marketing company that can provide targeted email marketing lists to those potential customers who have demonstrated a high degree of receptivity to receiving email marketing, could be a smart move. For email marketers, testing your strategies before you employ them can make the difference. Below are some strategies to optimize your email marketing efforts.

Subject Line Testing

So the subject line is catchy, then what?  Does it have a compelling CTA (call to action)?  Does it invite conversion?  While open rates are good indicators of initial interest, the true test of a successful subject line is its translation into high conversion rates

‘From’ Line Testing

Most mobile devices show “From” before the subject line, making this the determining factor in engagement.  Experiment with using a company name or an individual’s name — on different types of messages to see which garners greater response rates.

Also, pay close attention to the first line of text in your email, it should complement the subject line and continue to draw the reader in***.

Offer Testing

Unless you conduct A/B test on various offers — say a percentage off versus a dollar amount off — don’t assume you know which one works best.  Mix it up: test different offers for different segments (e.g., frequent customers and lapsed customers).

About the Author
Tracy Watson is the author of this article on maximizing your email marketing campaigns. She enjoys helping others maximize their ROI when starting a marketing campaign.  Make sure to add her on Google+.




***E-Mail Marketing List From ProMarketing Leads



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