The Gateway to Productivity: iPad POS

The Gateway to Productivity: iPad POS

Many businesses are known to use POS systems, especially grocery stores and supermarkets that rely on bar codes to process the payment of items. Some stores find it difficult to process many transactions at a time since they have to look at the monitor and look into the keyboard again. Most old POS systems also do not have the capacity to share cloud software, so users have to call their supervisors to provide access whenever they need to get some info or override something. Today, through the development in technology, there are new solutions to these dilemmas. iPad POS units are now available to companies so they can do more tasks at a time. Here are some highlights of this new POS.

Why iPad POS?

Most POS systems have limited capabilities, especially when it comes to computing. Because of that, Apple has introduced a new system that will change the world of computing and other sales processes. Through the use of iPad Point of Sale Systems, users can share cloud software minus the hassle of LAN connections. Things can be done wirelessly; plus, there are no big parts to install. Through a screen, everything can be done without hassles so businesses can flow smoothly with less manpower.

Excellent Features

Standard POS machines have limited capability resulting to slow turnaround time when it comes to reports and other important tasks. Through the use of iPads, POS machines can now generate reports, assign seats and check availability of stocks. Employees can also log in and out instead of using time cards. These are just some of the features that people can have as they maximize the use of this new technology.


Compared to old POS machines, iPads are easier to setup. They can be self-installed and can operate through a wireless network so there is no need to fix cabling systems to start working. A certified business setup is always for businesses.


Prices depend on how many terminals are needed. A single terminal may cost approximately $40 a month and about $900 for the license. Multiple terminals can cost around $1500 to $3500 for the license and an $80 to $150 monthly fee. These setups include unlimited user connection printers, iPods and iPhones, cash drawers, layouts and more. There are different packages available to suit the needs of business owners too.

Sleek and Smart

iPads can be used for different kinds of businesses and it can be a good investment since all technologies today are upgrading. iPads are PCI compliant, meaning sensitive information are not stored or shared where it should not be. Cloud-based software is also available so users can still go back to their files after a system downtime or blackout.

Overall, iPad POS systems are a gateway to a new world of business; one where people need to save time and exert less effort in order to maximize all resources. There are more innovations to come in the future, and iPad is a proof that traditional systems can be improved. Authorized dealers are able to explain further about iPad POS installations so it is best to consult one if you are planning to have one installed.

This article was written by Larry White.


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