7 Quick Tips to Promote Your Business on Facebook

7 Quick Tips to Make Facebook the Face of Your Business

Facebook is a rule in itself. A business that aims to grow and create a reputation for itself should absolutely adventure the benefits that Facebook marketing provides. Exceptional customer service and a repute on social media always fetch great outcomes. However, it might sometimes be frustrating to have a Facebook page which is unable to draw in the required traffic and fan count.

Is it a rocket science to attract people to your Facebook page? Definitely not. All you need is a well-developed strategy before you start promoting your business on Facebook. If you know who your target audience is, and what they need from you, you are already halfway. Executing a plan isn’t as difficult as creating one. In this article, I will highlight a few easy tricks to implement while promoting your business on Facebook.

Let Them Know You Have a Page

It is not enough to just have a page on Facebook. It is also necessary to advertise about your page. So when you have developed a business page, send a flyer email to your existing and potential prospects saying you have a new page and ask them to like it. Make sure your email is attractive and promising. People will not like something that doesn’t benefit them in any way.

Make Liking and Sharing Easy

Directing your clients to click on to a link is not always a good idea. It gets a little uninteresting for people to do that every time. Having a Facebook Like/Share button on your blog page is one easy way to get more likes and shares for your business page. It allows the readers of your blogs to like your page just by clicking on a button, without really having to sign up on Facebook.

Display Your Link to Facebook Wherever You Can

You can use this simple trick for more people to recognize your page. All you have to do is display the link of your Facebook page wherever you can. One place where you can exhibit it is your company newsletter. Newsletters have a wide reach and the wider the reach, the more your chances of getting more fans.

At the end of your email signature, add a line “Connect with us on Facebook” and provide your link. You can also provide the same on your website, your blog page, your twitter bio, basically wherever you can.

Run Contests and Surveys

Organizing a contest or survey on Facebook is very easy and handy. Just follow the Facebook Rules and you are good to go. Ensure your contests and surveys are engaging, interesting and the rewards that you offer are lucrative. It is advisable to put questions your contest which test an individual’s knowledge on a trending issue.

The winner can probably enjoy a discount on your latest product or a membership to your best service. Don’t forget to not bore people with too many contests. Use this trick only once in a while.

Post Videos to Promote Your Products

Videos and images attract the folks immediately. So the next time you are launching a new product or service, instead of putting up a long write up about it, simply post a video on your Facebook page. Let the video speak of your product, its features and a quick guide to how it can be used. It will not only be widely viewed; it is bound to fetch you a lot of shares.

Provide a Link to Your Online Store

Shopping online is a very relaxed way of spending money. When you advertise your product or service on Facebook, do provide a quick link to Flipkart, Amazon, iTunes, or your own online store if you have. Clicking on this link will not only help your customer buy your product easily, it will also reduce their efforts to find your products online.

Post Valuable Content

Content marketing has become one of the most sought after marketing methods. While you post engaging and useful content on your blog, sync it with your Facebook page, so that it gets published there simultaneously. Most of the people don’t read many blogs, but they are very much on Facebook. This way, you can circulate your content to a larger audience and probably fish some more customers for your business.

For many budding as well as established business concerns, Facebook is still the best social media site to promote their business. What makes Facebook so popular is its user friendliness and its far stretched reach. It is one platform through which a business can easily promote itself at very a minimal cost. Likes on your Facebook page means you are talked about in public.


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