Using A Bilingual Answering Service to Capture the Latino Market

Using A Bilingual Answering Service to Capture the Latino Market

Hispanics are the fastest growing minority in the United States. If your medical office is not willing to cater to the needs of the Latino market, it will miss out on trillions in spending power. Of course, it’s not just about the money, your primary objective is to provide the best service possible to all of your patients. A bilingual answering service can prevent breakdowns in communication and help you achieve your ultimate goal of five-star patient care.

While most Latinos in the U.S. speak English, there is a large number of them who don’t. Even still, among the Latinos who speak English, there are those who may not speak the language fluently or those who are more comfortable speaking in their native tongue. No matter what language your clients speak, bilingual operators are available to give them what they need every time they call.

Peak Answering service offers an answering service that provides bilingual ansewering services to help you reach out to the ever growing latino market. Spanish as a first language is becoming a larger and grwoing demographic that you can reach out to.

Ready to Help Immediately

When people call your office with medical issues or questions, the last thing they want to hear is a recording on the other end telling them that you will return their call as soon as possible. For someone who really needs help, “as soon as possible” can seem like an eternity.

If you allow the voice mail to pick up the phone when clients call, it gives the impression that they aren’t important. Instead of leaving a message and hoping you will receive it, potential and existing clients might choose to hang up and call another medial practice. What’s even worse than listening to a recording is having an operator who can’t speak or understand Spanish on the other end. If there is a language barrier, how can patients get the service they deserve?

When you hire a bilingual answering service, you can avoid making your existing and potential patients feel like they aren’t important. Trained operators are willing and able to handle appointments and other situations that warrant after-hour calls. Emergency calls are handled according to your instructions. Patients can rest assured that any emergency messages will be relayed to you immediately.

Word Travels Fast

If you ignore the need to bridge the communication gap in your medical practice, word will get around. Once it does, the Latino community will choose to spend their hard-earned dollars at a medical practice that values their business. When friends, family and coworkers need medical care and they ask others for recommendations, disgruntled clients won’t even consider mentioning your facility.

Your answering service is often the first contact new clients have with your office. So they will likely form an opinion based on the voice on the other line. Don’t let a communication barrier stand between you and exceptional customer service. A bilingual answering service is available to serve your patients 24 hours a day.

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