What Are Youtube Shorts and How to Use Them

What Are Youtube Shorts and How to Use Them

YouTube Shorts are short-form videos launched in 2021. As the world moves at an ever-increasing pace, people are looking for content that can be digested quickly and easily. The popular short-form video trends on social media indicate individuals want to spend less time with long, time-consuming content; instead choosing bitesize pieces of information or entertainment in limited doses.

In an age where attention spans are short and people love straightforward, easy-to-comprehend content, it’s no wonder that Youtube Shorts have become such a popular form of video marketing.

In this article, we’ll define what they are, and give you some tips on how to implement them successfully in your strategy. So whether you’re looking to capture the attention of your audience or just want to learn more about the growing trend of short video marketing, keep reading!

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short-form videos up to 60 seconds in length. You can record them directly in the YouTube app, or create them as hints of longer existing content. The platform offers a range of editing features, including the ability to trim, speed up, or slow down footage, as well as add music and visual effects.

While YouTube has always been a haven for longer-form content, the introduction of Shorts indicates a shift in the platform’s focus towards shorter videos that can be consumed quickly and easily. This is in line with other social media trends; platforms like TikTok and Instagram have seen a surge in popularity in recent years thanks to their focus on short-form content.

Why Use YouTube Shorts?

There are a number of reasons you might want to consider using YouTube Shorts in your marketing strategy. Here are just a few:

Reach a wider audience. With 2.5 billion active users, YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. So, by creating YouTube Shorts, you can make your content more accessible to a wider range of people, including those who might not have the time or patience for longer videos.

Stand out from the competition. With so much content being produced and uploaded every day, it can be hard to make your videos stand out from the crowd. However, as YouTube Shorts are a relatively new format, you can use them to make your videos more eye-catching and unique.

Increase Engagement. Thanks to their bite-sized nature, YouTube Shorts are more likely to hold people’s attention than longer videos. If you’re looking to increase engagement with your content, shorts could be the way to go.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website. If you include a link to your website in your video description, YouTube Shorts offer a great way to drive traffic to your site. Thanks to their shareability, it’s easy for your videos to go viral, exposing your brand to a wider audience and increasing the chances that people will click through to your site.

How to Integrate YouTube Shorts in Your Marketing Strategy

Now that you know what YouTube Shorts are and their benefits, it’s time to start planning your strategy. Here are a few tips on how to use YouTube Shorts to market your business:

Showcase Your Products or Services

YouTube Shorts offer a great way to show off your products or services in a quick and concise way. Whether you’re demonstrating how to use a product, highlighting its features, or simply showcasing its benefits, shorts are an effective way to get people interested in what you have to offer.

Here are some tips on how to use YouTube Shorts to showcase your products and services:

1. Keep your content short and sweet.

The best YouTube Shorts are usually under 30 seconds long. This is because people have short attention spans and you want to make sure that they watch the content you’ve worked hard on from start to finish. If your video is too long, then they may get bored and click away before they even get to the end.

2. Make it visually appealing.

People love watching videos that are visually appealing. Use bright colors and interesting graphics to make your video stand out. And don’t forget to come up with an attention-grabbing title!

3. Use keywords.

YouTube is the second largest search engine, and people use keywords to find videos. By ensuring your title and description include relevant terms, you make it more likely that searchers will locate your video.

4. Promote your video.

Once you’ve created your YouTube Short, it’s time to promote it! Share it on other social media platforms, email it to your subscribers, and do whatever else you can to get people to watch it.

5. Ask for feedback.

Finally, don’t forget to ask people for their feedback once they’ve watched your video. This will help you improve your future videos and ensure that you are providing value to your viewers.

Create How-to Videos

Have a product or service that people might find tricky to use? Why not create a short how-to video to show them exactly what they need to do? These types of videos are always popular and can be a great way to increase engagement with your brand.

Tell a Story

YouTube Shorts offer a great way to tell a story about your brand. Whether you want to share the origins of your company, highlight a recent success, or simply showcase your brand’s personality, shorts are an ideal format.

Run a Competition

Do you have a new product or service to promote? Why not run a competition using YouTube Shorts? You could ask people to submit their own short videos for a chance to win a prize, or simply encourage them to share your videos with their friends.

Answer FAQs

Do you get a lot of questions about your products or services? Why not use YouTube Shorts to answer them? These videos can be a great way to provide useful information to your customers, while also promoting your brand.

Lead Generation

YouTube Shorts offer a great way to generate leads for your business. You could include a call-to-action in your video description, or simply encourage people to visit your website or sign up for your newsletter.

Create Brand Awareness

YouTube Shorts offer the opportunity to go viral quickly and reach a wider audience. Thanks to their shareability, it’s easy for your videos to go viral, exposing your brand to a whole new group of potential customers.

Bottom Line

YouTube Shorts offer a great opportunity for businesses to reach a wider audience and increase engagement with their content. By using them wisely, you can achieve a variety of marketing goals. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your YouTube Shorts strategy today!


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