What to Do When Your Printer is Low on Ink?

What to Do When Your Printer is Low on Ink?

When your printer is running low on ink, you may find that you are unable to print at all. Many printers will restrict you from printing once the ink has begun to run low. In other cases, you may be able to print but you may have faded colors or some parts of your printed document may not show up at all.

To ensure that your printer continues to remain functional and that you are able to print what you need to and when you need to, it is important to act quickly and get your ink ordered. You don’t want to delay in finding the right ink and getting your order placed, as the longer you need to wait, the more time it will take you to get your printer up and running again.

Steps to Take When Your Printer is Low On Ink

When your printer is running low on ink, the first step that you will need to take is to determine exactly what type of ink cartridge you will need in order to replace the ink in your machine. Not every printer takes the same type of ink and you need a cartridge that will fit with your specific printer. You also need to determine whether the new ink cartridge that your printer needs is a color ink cartridge or a black ink cartridge.

Your printer should send a message to your computer that alerts you as to what type of ink is low, the color or the black ink. The printer may also have blinking lights on it that indicate that it is low on a particular type of ink. Check the printer and/or computer in order to find out which type of ink is required.

A determination as to what ink cartridge you require is usually made by checking your printer model number. The printer manual may specify what kind of ink you need and what specific model cartridge to look for or you can do a search by the printer model number in order to find the right cartridge.

Your next step is to do a comparison shop and find good prices for ink online. You can look for both brand name and generic ink. You may find that you are able to get ink at a very affordable price from places such as Ink Technologies rather than just going to your office supply store. Ink Technologies, for example, offers a wide selection of ink for different printers at prices that are usually lower than you can buy the ink for in an office supply shop where you live. For more information on cartridges, toners, and other devices for Ink Technologies, you can click here.

After you have found a store that has the ink you need at a reasonable price and that has delivery and payment terms you are comfortable with, the next step is to make sure that the store you are ordering from is reliable. There are stores out there that will sell ink cartridges that don’t work very well, that don’t allow you to get as many prints out of the cartridge or even that could do damage to your printer if you try to use them. You don’t want to get scammed by purchasing ink from an unreliable source that won’t work when it arrives at your house.

How to Get Hooked Up with a Reliable Ink Distributor

There are many different places where you can check reviews of online sellers of printer ink. For example, you can look at the Better Business Bureau website. The Better Business Bureau will let you know if any of the stores that you are considering buying from have a history of customer complaints or problems. You can also check to make sure the store you are thinking about buying from gets a top grade at the Better Business Bureau. Ink Technologies, for example, has a great reputation with this consumer protection bureau.

There are also websites where you can specifically check the reviews and ratings of online sellers. For example, Bizrate.com is one where you can find out information about online sellers and about whether they provide good quality products to their customers or not.

After checking out the reviews for the different sites that you are considering buying from, you can choose the right ink seller for you. Using the model or cartridge number from your printer, find the ink that you need and make your purchase to have the ink delivered right to your door. You can then load up your printer with your new ink cartridge and enjoy being able to use your printer again with your supply of ink replenished.

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Don Rosenberg is an office manager of small mom and pop business and he know first hand the pain and frustration that comes from having a printer that is out of ink. Especially when you have important documents and you need NOW. His last incident with the printer running out of ink was much like a scene from the classic movie Office Space, which is what has inspired him to write this article.


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