A Winning Approach to Get More Traffic From Search Engines


Traffic on roads makes us irritated, but traffic on the website is all we want!!


The website is the reflection of every brand. The potential businesses understand it and are implementing the impeccable results from this. But, we have seen that the other proportion of businesses are not accounting for this. The reason behind this lies only in the fact that they do not know the crucial aspects to get traffic on their website. 

Many digital marketing service agencies are known for providing the best advice on getting the traffic on your website. Though, choosing them is a great advantage, but, you can also go with the excellent strategies to get it.  

According to our perspective, The prominent flaw is that they think adding quality content to the website will make customer engagement. Yes, it is also essential, but it is not the only one.

Even if you have a website or are creating one, the online businesses will not get the desired profits without Search Engine Optimization (SEO). So it is recommended for website owners to hire a SEO agency for their website.

Believe it or not, the more your website will be SEO-centralized, the more consideration it will get from Google. That, obviously, makes your website visible in search engines.

Knowing how important it is to get traffic from SEO will give you fruitful results. This makes the user perceive your website or your business whenever they search for any related keyword.   

The more they will check it, the more they will click on the link that will navigate them to your website, landing pages, etc. It results to be more valuable and potent comparative to paid advertising like banner ads or Pay-per-click (PPC). 

There are many factors that you should give attention to for improving the credibility of your business website. We have gathered some of the critical statistics that highlight the vital elements that you might be missing.  Check out below:

Users usually take 50 milliseconds to generate an opinion regarding the website to know if they want to leave or stay on your website. 

  • Nowadays, website design has become a significant factor in making user engagement on your website. 
  • Also, 85% choose to visit that website that can be easily seen on the mobile device. That is, the website should be responsive enough to fit into any screen resolution.
  • Those who stop visiting the website that has an unattractive layout or content are 38%.
  • Website speed also matters the most. If the website is taking more time to load than usual, then the users move to another website.   And approximately there are 39% of the users that are practising the same.

The above-mentioned statistics have made it clear that it is very much important to take every perspective in mind when it is about the website. It is the fundamental thing that can generate more customer volume.  Now you might be thinking- how to make your website SEO-oriented?  

Don’t worry!! Here, in this article, we have enlisted the best strategies to obtain traffic to your website.

Actionable Ways to Increase Website Traffic from Search Engines

Obtain Quality Backlinks


Only quality links can improve your website ranking and increase traffic. Do not use the unnatural links; otherwise, Google will not consider you. You can ask the clients, users, business partners to give you the links. It is evident that the more quality links your website has, the more your website will become visible to the users. 

Do not buy the backlinks just to get a higher ranking on Google. It might let you face the penalties and also decline your website position. So, it is advised to get only the natural backlinks for obtaining organic traffic to your website. We have gathered some of the best ways to generate quality links. Find out below:

  • Guest Posting

Approach the related website of your brand niche and offer them high-quality content. Amalgamating your product or website links is also a go-to approach. Following this, you are self-promoting.

  • Engagement in Social Media Presence

Gain more followers on social media by sharing the quality content to the audience and make them engaged. You can also update your brand social profiles with professional design.

  • Discover Influencers of Your Niche

Find out the influencers that are interested, passionate to make the quality content as per your niche. Enable them to include infographics, case studies, etc.

  • Discounts and Offers

Who does not like to buy with the offers and discounts? Offer users the same and ask them to provide the link to your website. 

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Integrate the SEO Optimized Content

Add only the content that you think the visitors are looking for. For example, the article written on knowing the best SEO strategies for voice search optimization. It will aware the customers how VSO is important nowadays and gives them ways to use it. Also, the website which is related to selling the Salon products and services, allows the content to generate tremendous traffic on your website.

Using only the SEO optimized content is a complex task because it has many steps. From SEO-friendly content to keyword research and smart promotion, it takes a lot.

When it is about searching the related keywords, there are many keyword searching tools.  You can use the LSIgraph and Google Keyword tools to find the keywords that most of the users search for.  Another way to find the keywords related- type the topic on google and give a space. Google will provide you with suggestions and make it easy for you to integrate the most. This process is simply telling what the users are searching for. Examining what is trending is also a beneficial deal that helps you to comprehend what the potential audience is likely to search for.  

Blog Post Optimization


Posting smartly is also a key to get traffic on your website. Have a look at the seven tips that you should consider while publishing content to rank the keywords you have picked. Also, it is advised to blend at least two long-tail keywords in every post.

  • Page title

Assure that you are adding the keyword or an element of your keyword in the title.

  • First Paragraph

Use the keyword in the first or second paragraph. Or,  to be more precise, add in between the 150 to 200 words.

  • Headings

Use the keyword in the headings of your content.

  • Body Text

Do not exhaust your content with the keywords.  It might penalize your page. 

  • Image Alt

The integration of some related images is necessary. Above all, optimizing it is also important.  Also, explain what the image is all about.  Use the keyword and its variations in the Alt text. Ensure that you are implementing it in one image at least.

  • Page Interlinking

Interlinking should be done in every post in between.  The benefit of interlinking is that it enables Google to index your website promptly.

Experimenting this will undoubtedly accelerate your website ranking. However, if the keyword is contentious, then the post will not be visible on the first page. So, it is important to get your post on the first page to increase your website traffic.

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Google Places for Business

google places

Using Google Places for Business can improve your website visibility on Google and allow the users to get you on the map and some other related means. Google has given this service for free. Leveraging this will promote your business and in return, will give you the potential customers you might be looking for. Below, we have provided an outline of how  Google Places for Business can be used.

  • Insert related keywords and a product description

Use this for engaging more customers. As already mentioned, do not stuff more keywords in the content.

  • Use videos and images  

Google Places for Business enables you to integrate ten images and five videos. It makes it easy for the users to find you.

  • Let clients give good feedback

A higher ranking will give you more customers. Ask your customers to provide only good reviews. But, avoid more to get the ranking.

Creating an outstanding page for Google places is vital in local search optimization.

Post Content Regularly


We all refer- Content as the king. Why? Because it holds the ability to make you stay ahead from your competitors. Do not make the useless content only just you want to publish something unique. Understand that the unique and quality content will get you social media shares, backlinks, and therefore, an increase in user engagement. 

We have mentioned above about the vital elements to create quality content. To review- the content should be original, relevant, logical, specific, and in detail. 

Do not forget that with a useful strategy, and effective implementation, you will get immeasurable traffic.

Website Speed

website speed

Several reasons are there that can convince you that website speed is of utmost importance. The significant one is that it helps you to get higher ranking in SERPs, increase the conversion rate, and decline the bounce rate. 

Understand that the users do not like to stay on the website that is taking a long to load. They usually leave the website that takes more than 2 to 3 seconds to load.

As the business owner, you might be looking for several ways to increase the website speed. Check out the list below to know how you can improve the website speed.

  • Use Google’s PageSpeed tool to examine the website loading speed and fix the issues accordingly. 
  • Try to shrink the website image with suitable types. Use GIF, PNG, and JPEG to do the same.
  • Before uploading, optimize the images. Use the Fireworks and Photoshop to crop the image to the exact or required size.
  • The minimization of CSS and JS files is essential. Consider the  Online JS and CSS compressor to minify the HTML, JS and CSS files.
  • From browser caching, store the pages in temporary storage. It will help your website to load the pages faster.
  • In some of the cases, hosting also plays an important role. Therefore, choose the safe host.
  • More plugins can impede your website loading time. The plugins also held the tendency to breach the security and arose technical issues. So, eliminate those that are not required. 
  • Lessing the redirects is also a helpful strategy. Most redirects have extra HTTPs requests and influence the loading time.

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Wrapping Up

Now, you have useful tips to get the traffic on your website from an SEO perspective. 

Consider that getting traffic is not rocket science — all you need is a compliant strategy.  

So, how do you find this article?

Do share your views with us.  Drop us your comment in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!


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