Workplace Design Tips To Attract and Retain Top Talent

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Your recruitment costs keep spiking up as each fiscal year goes by. The increasing numbers should be enough to divert your attention towards your retaining strategies. 

That’s right! 

In today’s competitive world and market, it’s quite difficult to hang onto your talented employees. The world’s a global village now, so you’ll need all the help you can get to not only retain top talent but also attract them.

The contemporary furniture, the dusty shelves, and the dried plants all need to go if you wish to accomplish your goal. The commercial office design is a tool that’ll help make your workplace an attractive opportunity for old and prospective employees. 

So, let’s take a look at some design tips to get you started!

Leave Traditional Ideas Behind

Boring office spaces are a thing of the past. What employees are looking for these days are workplaces that inspire creativity and provide leisure opportunities too. To cater to the millennial market and retain your top talent, you’ll have to leave the model of a conventional workplace behind. Instead of choosing the design all on your own, get some insight from your employees. Ask what extra facilities they’ll like to enjoy while at work. For instance, many people are gradually moving towards a health-conscious lifestyle so adding a gym might do the trick. 

Once you have answers from your employees, identify the common preferences among the group and aim for them. Use their advice and work with competent office fit out companies to give the office space a modern twist.

Colours and Textures

The world of colours and textures is stimulating and is just what you need to engage the top talent. Be it your current employees or potential candidates, incorporating colours and textures in your workplace can help them feel better. They can generate a physiological response that can help make employees feel better. 

Use blue and orange for a relaxed atmosphere and use dark colours to inspire creativity. Adding different textures on the furniture and the walls can make the workplace more interesting to look at. For example, a workplace with just smooth surfaces everywhere can make the space feel bland and dull, which can negatively affect creativity and productivity.

There’s a lot of work that goes in selecting the right colours and textures so make sure you work with one of the best offices fit out companies to add some colour to your workplace.

Workplace Branding

Many organizations today are using internal branding to not only retain employees but also attract new talent. This design tip helps employees form an emotional connection with the workplace. With these renewed positive feelings, your top talent works with increased energy and dedication. It may seem farfetched, but you need to give it a try if you really want to see how it works.    

Chill Out Zones

Gone are the days when employees stayed glued to their seats during work hours. The new generation workforce needs to move around and just relax. That’s why many workplaces have included chill zones in their floor plans. This helps to define the lines between work and leisure so that employees have the time to relax, refuel and socialize with their colleagues. Add some couches, maybe a foosball table or video games. Once again, you’ll have to get insights from your employees to understand their preferences. Use this opportunity to reinforce your company identity!

Accessible Design

Accessible design is an absolute necessity in every workplace if you want to encourage all kinds of people to join your company. People with disabilities should be able to use your office freely without any form of hurdles. One thing that you can do to increase your workplace accessibility is adding an elevator or ramps for people in wheelchairs. You can also add assistive railing in the hallways and within the bathrooms. Other than that, incorporate speech recognition and signs in Braille. This way, people can move easily and use their devices without trouble.

Power Outlets

Today, almost everyone is plugged into a digital device. So, now and then they’re going to have to charge their devices. Therefore, your workplace should accommodate people’s needs and power outlets in various places in the workplace. This is even more important if your workplace encourages the use of laptops. Some employees prefer sitting in different places when working. They’ll only be able to do that if they can charge their devices in various parts of the office. Also, it’ll help to install charging stations, where employees can only charge their phones.

Green Office

Bringing nature in the workplace can have a positive impact on the efficiency of your employees and also help you retain them. Using plants as part of the decoration isn’t a new concept, but it has gained popularity recently and for good reason. Studies have proven the positive impact of plants on cleaning the air, controlling humidity and increasing oxygen levels. Needless to say, all these factors combine to create a healthier mindset and a healthier working space too.

Interactive Design

When people have ownership of something, it helps to keep the team together. When designing the space, invite your employees to contribute to the design. Let them work together to create something that defines their individual personality and represents their strength as a team. The creative design will help them get a sense of belonging to the organization and the workplace, ensuring their loyalty lies with you.

Bottom Line

These commercial office design tips are just what you need to secure your talent pool. With their help, you can make the workplace eye-catching to appeal to potential candidates too. Since the design of the workplace has a significant impact on how the employees feel, work, and think, bring about the change that is needed. Remember that workplace design influences job seekers, so design to impress!   


Author Bio

Bryony Shaw is the marketing executive at Spectrum Interior, a leading office interior design company offering office fit-out and office refurbishment services in the UK. Her aim in life is to transform as many interior environments as possible into highly beautiful and functional spaces and make all incumbent dysfunctional eyesores a thing of the past. Synchronizing the marketing, sales, purchasing and project management teams, she likes to listen to the needs concerning absolutely any interior.


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