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10 Key Benefits of CRM & Why You Should Use Them

No business today can grow until it experiments and adopts innovative ways to progress.  However, that can only happen if the employees have enough time to deviate themselves from the regular repetitive daily tasks of the operational cycle.  A business is not just one activity but a combination of several activities that require employee involvement […]

 How AI Is Changing the Trends of Digital Marketing

Currently, Artificial Intelligence, as a technology, has become the buzzword. Since its inception, it has made a significant impact on consumer products and how the brands interact with the customers. With the current situation of the pandemic in mind, the growth of AI in the field of digital marketing is enormous.  What Is AI? The […]

How to Cope With Increased Demand in Product Sales

When you run a product business, one of your top priorities is to, of course, increase sales. However, this can be a double-edged sword when you receive a sudden spike in demand. While it is great to see interest in your business and product range increase, you still need to be able to keep up […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare Your Startup for a Funding Pitch

Having a business idea that you believe has the potential to rock the world is quite thrilling and energizing. But to convert your business idea into a business, you need optimum funding. Here starts the most nerve-wracking part of your entrepreneurial journey because if your business idea does not attract investors, all your efforts will […]