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How Do Business Startup Loans Work?

One of the most important aspects of every startup is financial funding. Access to financing can be extremely challenging for startups especially in their initial stage.  There’s also the grim statistic that only half of the businesses with employees survive their first five years. Fortunately, entrepreneurs can opt for taking a loan from a national […]

Hyperautomation: The Next Upgrade for Your Business

Companies are always searching for new ways to increase revenue and advance beyond the competition. So, it’s no surprise that when a new technology emerges, it often starts to trend across the business industry. This past year, one major trend across businesses has been robotic process automation (RPA), a type of automation software that streamlines […]

5 Ways to Successfully Speak at Your Next Presentation

An organization’s leader or CEO has to address in team meetings or a conference in front of an immense audience. Are you comfortable with public speaking and delivering your speech and message flawlessly? Either we do this adequately or wrongly, but the way we present ourselves strongly impacts what people think about us. Great speakers […]

10 Habits That Will Help You Make Your Business More Profitable

Successful entrepreneurs know the importance of the right habits. Our behavior, and therefore our productivity, to a large extent, depend on our daily habits. Habits influence our overall pace of life, priorities, and schedule, helping us to succeed, or leading us to failures. The power of habits is easy to see in all areas of […]