How To Build WordPress Themes In 2020?

Do you carry basic knowledge about CSS, JavaScript, and HTML? You can then easily create WordPress themes. WordPress is the most significant open-source CMS of the world right now. In the year 2020, more than 455 million websites are using WordPress. Also, more than 20% of self-hosted websites use WordPress currently. This platform helps in […]

6 Must-Haves Every Business Developer Needs

Surely, you’ve thought more than once about developing your own business but you are not sure where to start. You think building a business is expensive and definitely not a one-man job. Technology today allows entrepreneurs to start their own businesses on a budget and their own until they have the possibility to expand. Let’s […]

12 Home Office Ideas to Help Boost Your Productivity

Whether or not you are new to working from home, this work arrangement comes with its challenges. One of the most significant effects there is to tackle is the struggle to remain productive at home. Since the home is a place where people rest and relax, plenty of people out there have to reconfigure their […]

A Guide to Mobile App Security

Mobile apps are the deal nowadays. That is true, given that most traffic now emanates from personal devices.  However, mobile apps don’t always seem trustworthy to customers. Not even the most amazing features and most crisp graphics will ever be enough to keep app users from deleting an app that they think is compromised in […]

A Manager’s Guide to Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations play an imperative role in the marketing and development of any business. Whether the purpose is meeting a potential stakeholder, pitching to an investor, or hosting an online conference, PowerPoint has positioned itself at the very core of businesses. Entrepreneurs and managers must know that a professional presentation is much more than just […]

5 Ways You Can Secure Your Startup

On July 29th, 2017, 143 million Americans discovered that their financial information, from their social security number to credit lines, were compromised—out on the Internet for anyone to find. The reason? A vulnerability in one of Equifax’s applications. This vulnerability allowed hackers to throw the financial future of 143 million Americans into peril. As we […]

Project Management: 9 Important Steps to Start and Manage a Project Effectively

As a CEO, you’re constantly dealing with new projects and goals you and your team need to accomplish. While your goal should always be maximum productivity, sometimes it’s hard to achieve it. With all the pressure, deadlines, and problems that happen along the way, things can easily get out of hand. That’s why you need […]

Why Custom Payment Gateway Solutions Is Your Best Business Option

A custom payment gateway is like a credit card reader with a virtual basis, and it is customized to fit the needs of the company that uses it. To facilitate safe online transactions, a custom payment gateway is a necessity for businesses with all volumes of online transactions.  Payment gateways allow information to be entered […]