4 Benefits of Running an Influencer Marketing Campaign

With so many marketing channels available in today’s economy, it can be hard to decide where to spend your business budget. Paid ads are very effective, but they’re also very expensive. Search engine optimization can yield a strong ROI, but these results require time for organic traffic to slowly increase. If you’re looking for the […]

7 Effective Leadership Skills Every New Manager Should Know

The qualities of every manager may differ from one manager to another, but every manager should have leadership skills. These leadership skills are also expected even from new managers. Leaders guide people to achieve their goals. They share their skills for the benefit of the team. They lead the team and inspire them with leadership […]

Latest Ecommerce Trends to Boost Your Revenue in 2021

Contents Ecommerce Post-COVID 19 Living in the Future: Time to Gear Up Mobile Commerce PWAs Voice Commerce Improved Payment Processing The Future is Social Media More Personalization, Less Conversion The Green Consumer Power to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Augmented Reality Experiencing Omnichannel   Ecommerce Post-COVID 19 If it wasn’t a factor with the most impact on […]

How to Encourage Mental Well-Being While Working Remotely

Remote working has been on the minds of office workers for many years; however, the COVID-19 crisis has meant employees all over the world have had to quickly adapt to working from home. And the changes might be for good with a survey from the British Council for Offices (BCO) finding that office workers are […]

Top 5 Benefits Of Taking A Short Term Loan

Different borrowers may have different loan requirements. Opting for a loan is a big commitment and it requires appropriate analysis and research before procuring a loan especially for first-time applicants.  The tenure of a loan determines many of its features, like the interest rates, the loan eligibility, the borrower’s EMI amount, and most importantly, the […]

Why Agile Management Mindset Is Necessary for Modern Organizations

Agile management has become a necessity for organizations to survive in this hyper-competitive business world. Agile project management is more than just about adopting a flexible approach—it involves a wider scope of activities that focus on delivering high-quality products. Agile project management tools help software development teams to work closely with one another. These tools […]

Using Yoga to Improve Productivity

As the leader of a team, boosting morale in a time like this is essential. After months of working from home, it is likely that your team is feeling slightly unmotivated and maybe lacking some of the productivity that is usually present in a thriving office environment. Trying to work and live in the same […]

How Has Instagram Transformed Shopping Today?

From being a visual platform for photo-sharing, Instagram quickly made a smooth transition into the eCommerce scenario, and today it has actually changed the way people shop. It started with shoppable feeds, and there is an entire range of tools targeted for small business owners; Instagram surely is on a mission to transform the way […]