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3 Ways To Encourage Your Employees To Be More Productive

When your business hangs in the balance, you need to have employees on your staff that will give you their all in an effort to keep your company alive. But sadly, many employees fall into a rut where they’re much more comfortable just skating by rather than really putting in the work to take themselves […]

By Guest Writer | Human Resources

Why Executives and Entrepreneurs Need Rehabilitation More Than Ever

Did you know that executives and entrepreneurs work on average a 72-hour work week? In a business world full of go-getters, it is no secret that there is immense pressure to succeed in a highly volatile and competitive economy. How to handle the competitive stressors in the office is where the norms become a bit […]

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How to Pass Your Workplace’s Opiate Drug Test

Did you know that Americans legally and illegally consume about 80 percent of the world’s supply of opiates? For minor aches and pains, an over-the-counter medication might suffice. For more severe medical issues, doctors prescribe opiates to reduce pain levels. More than 70 percent of employees use opioids, which means that it affects workplace drug […]

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How to Build Confidence in Your Team for Maximum Results

Teams that work with confidence may be harder to spot, sadly, than those that operate without it. Those that operate without confidence most notably operate from a place of fear – fear to try new technologies, fear to report problems, fear to share ideas or observations; which leads to a culture of stagnation, blame, exclusion […]

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How to hire a freelancer

With up to 40% of the American workforce set to join the freelancing community by 2020, the way we think about jobs is rapidly changing. If you were wondering how to find your way through this brave new world, here are 7 tips to hire a freelancer. 1. Have a Specific Idea of What You […]

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Motivating Employees To Perform Better

Your team of employees can either make or break your organization. Motivating employees is the fundamental core for an effective organization. When you learn how to motivate employees, there is a possibility of outperforming your competition. Here are some ways to motivate your team: Public praise them on their achievements Motivating employees is more about […]

By John Giftah | Human Resources

Hiring Employees with Entrepreneurial Skills

According to David Couper who leads groups of CEOs for Vistage International “An employee who sees his work not as a job but as his own business.  This means that he wants to maximize revenues and profits by being productive, innovative and using resources wisely.” An “entrepreneurial employee” is someone who is self-motivated and needs […]

By The Editor | Human Resources

Happy Employees: How to keep employees happy?

There has always been a big focus in business on keeping customers happy, and putting their needs before your own in order to keep them as a customer, and hopefully encourage repeat business. The old adage is that the customer is always right, and most companies will bend over backwards to provide good customer service, […]

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