5 Ways You Can Extend Your Current Marketing Reach

5 Ways You Can Extend Your Current Marketing Reach

There is no single business activity that is more important than marketing. Identifying promotional ideas for attracting new customers is a crucial part of a company’s marketing formula. There are many unique marketing strategies that can extend a company’s influence, attracting customers in ways that are outside of the norm. Being creative can pay off as a means for attracting the attention necessary in a crowded and competitive marketplace.

Here are 5 unique techniques to consider.

#1 Attention-Getting Mascot

Create an attention-getting mascot that will help brand your company and get attention. Mascots can help differentiate your business from others, adding a personal touch and promoting a certain image. McDonald’s mascot, Ronald McDonald, is a famous clown that children love and is recognized by a large percentage of the American population.

#2 The Lunch Bag

Instead of taking a prospective customer to lunch at an expensive restaurant like many companies do, differentiate your approach and bring them a bag lunch. For busy professionals, this approach might be more appreciated. Enclose a short, personal note and attach your business card to the front of a colorful lunch bag. You can do this for about $3 and make a true impression, standing apart from other marketing professionals who are always calling them on the phone to take them to lunch.

#3 Donations

Donating a free gift for a local fundraiser can get a lot of attention. Silent auctions are also a good way to donate to charity and capture a lot of attention from a group of individuals who are typically high-earners and power players. Fundraising events draw an influential group of people.

#4 Contests

Hold a contest awarding an exciting prize that will be talked about by prospective customers. Contests create a lot of buzz and that is what marketing is all about. Giving away the latest techie gadget or something appropriate for your industry is an excellent way to get your message across without competing with all the other noise.

#5 Paint Your Car

Paint your car to advertise your business. This current marketing technique is certain to get attention. In traffic, prospective customers are bored and likely to read your promotional copy. It is important to be consistent with your colors for all promotional materials.

Marketing ideas are only as good as the results they bring. Any strategy that brings in clients and gets them talking to you is a good technique. Being open to new ideas can be very fruitful.

If you have any creative ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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