7 Time Management Tips That Can Add A Few Extra Hours to Your Day

How to save your time

Regardless of where we work and what kind of work we do, we all face time management issues. Being in a busy corporate environment is fun as well as taxing. I loved the corporate life. However, one thing that I had to sacrifice at all times was my sleep.

Why? Because I needed 20 hours in a day to finish my work. All the planning and all the determination could not help me manage my time well. And I ended up sleeping barely for 4 hours a day just so I could finish my work. What followed was bad health and ugly dark circles.

However, with time I realized that this was not the way I ought to schedule my work. I needed time management tips that worked. It took me time, but I slowly developed a few habits that miraculously helped me save time.

I am hence, sharing those time management tips that benefited me and could help you save your time without much effort:

I Prioritized My Work

On a daily basis, I started spending the first 10 minutes of the day deciding what my most important tasks for the day were. I would then spent the next 20 minutes giving each task a time slot, scheduling my entire day. This way, I used to have a proper plan for my day and I would not be clueless about what to do when.

I Started Cooking Smart

Cooking is something that occupies a lot of time, especially when you have to run to work. I started cooking smart. I would soak some beans the night before, chop my veggies for breakfast while watching TV the previous night, keep eggs and bread always ready, just in case I’m not sure what to make. I started cooking simple, less time consuming dishes, mainly before leaving for work.

I Stopped Attending To Social Media At Work

I realized that most of my productive time was being taken up by Facebook and Whatsapp. Social Media is the biggest distraction. I decided to keep my social media notifications off while I’m at work. It took me time to keep myself away from it initially, but the fact that I could actually finish work well in time without these distractions was overwhelming. This is probably one of my best time management tips.

I Started Multitasking

While on a call or while waiting for someone, I had extra time, which I always wasted by roaming in the corridor. I thought of utilizing this extra time to do some not so important tasks, like responding to texts, replying to emails, tidying up my desk, folding washed laundry, dusting the house. This way, my tiny chores of the day didn’t pile up for the weekend.

I Bought Myself A “Do Not Disturb” Card

It felt rude to use the ‘Do Not Disturb’ card at work initially. However, I told myself that it was necessary. I started hanging it on my cabin door whenever I was having very urgent and important work. It kept me away from unwanted disturbances and i could finish a lot easily. It is a great way to let people know that you are actually busy. It might sound rude, but it’s alright.

I Learned To Say “No”

Trust me, this was the most difficult. But I learned to say no. Many a times, we get into something that we don’t really want to do, just because we are unable to refuse others. It consumes our precious time and we end up piling our work for the next day. I started saying “No” to things that I did not want to do. It was hard to do, but it saved me a lot of time.

I Decided What To Wear In Advance

I always have a tough time deciding what to wear. I used to wake up and stand in front of my wardrobe, staring at it blankly, never having anything good to wear. It took most of my time in the morning, making me hurry up for the rest of the chores. I then started choosing my clothes for the next day every night before sleeping. This saved me a lot of my valuable morning time.

It was not very easy at first, but doing it on a regular basis helped me have an organized way of life. Saving time doesn’t really require mammoth efforts. It’s just these little habits that need to be implemented in your routine.


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