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How To Retain Talent In The Hybrid Working Era

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated several processes that were already taking place in the workplace and business worlds. Indeed, research points out that even before the pandemic, some workers had been able to negotiate remote work conditions with their employers. Following the countermeasures aimed at stopping the spread of the virus, nearly all businesses were forced […]

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Top 10 Podcasts on Leadership and Management Not to Miss

One of the most common defining characteristics of great leaders is their commitment to lifelong learning. Leadership and management podcasts are great resources for helping you to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, acquire new strategies, and find ways to overcome challenges. Easy to listen to as part of your daily routine, podcasts are a […]

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MVP: How to Build a Minimum Viable Product and Validate Your Business Idea

As a business person, you should take the risk of validating your entrepreneurship idea. First, you have to decide whether your idea is feasible or not; will it help clients? Your answer lies in a minimum viable product. An MVP will help you validate your concept and let you understand your client’s wants. This article […]

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