The Importance of Adopting Automation in Your Business

Are you a CEO running a small to medium business and are looking to improve efficiency and productivity? Then chances are, you have already thought about and have considered business automation. If you are unsure of how to discover if automating your business is right for you or perhaps you are undecided on which area […]

By Guest Writer | Business

Hyperautomation: The Next Upgrade for Your Business

Companies are always searching for new ways to increase revenue and advance beyond the competition. So, it’s no surprise that when a new technology emerges, it often starts to trend across the business industry. This past year, one major trend across businesses has been robotic process automation (RPA), a type of automation software that streamlines […]

By Guest Writer | Technology

4 Key Features of Marketing Automation Software That Can Give Your Business an Edge

Marketing automation is a buzzword that has become quite popular especially with businesses that have an online presence. It simply refers to a programmed software platform that allows the marketing departments of companies to automate certain repetitive tasks. This includes turning sales leads and prospects into satisfied customers. According to statistics from Pardot, 76% of […]

By admin | Marketing

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