How a Strong HR Department Can Financially Help Your Business

Human Resources leaders often feel they are treated like clerical administrators. This is usually because they let themselves be seen that way. Advancement and career opportunity opens for them when they can demonstrate the financial value added to the business. To be taken seriously, they must immerse themselves in all aspects of the business; know […]

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Can Your Business Benefit From a Spanish-Speaking HR Consultant?

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the country, so you will likely hire employees who are more comfortable with Spanish as opposed to English. Even if your Spanish-speaking employees speak English well, they’re likely to understand things more easily in their native tongue. Hiring HR consultants who speak Spanish can benefit your business in […]

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Startup hiring: 3 Things to Consider Before Hiring Employees for Your Start Up

Have you ever tried to find out about failed start-ups and inquired about the possible reason behind their catastrophic failure? If you do, more often than not, you will find that the answer doesn’t lie in predictable things, like competition, innovation and other similar blocks. In most cases, the problem lies with financial and startup […]

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Taking a dip in the HR talent pool

With more fears of a double dip in the hr talent pool recession and debt still firmly at the forefront of European governments’ thinking, the marketplace is one of extreme caution and difficult trading conditions. Traditional management styles and skills seen over the past twenty years have focused on growth and development but, in this […]

By Stephen Baker | Human Resources

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