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Remote Leadership: Tips for C-Suite Decision Makers in a Virtual World

The landscape of business leadership has undergone a seismic shift in recent years, and this transformation has been accelerated by unforeseen global events, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic. For C-suite decision-makers, the challenge of leading teams and organizations remotely has become the new norm. Navigating this virtual world effectively requires a different set of skills and […]

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How to Sustain Diversity and Inclusion in a Remote Work Environment

Business enterprises from all across the world and almost all industry sectors had to undergo a rapid evolution in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With governments enacting strict rules and social distancing laws, companies of all types – from startups to the biggest corporations – quickly left behind the classic in-office work model and […]

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Tips for C-Suite Decision Makers in a Remote World

Remote work models were gaining interest from companies worldwide because of their potential for better production, flexibility, efficient use of technology, and the option to build teams all over the world. A remote work world presents unique challenges for workers on all levels of a company. C-suite executives, for example, hold a great deal of […]

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The Solopreneur’s Guide To Managing A Remote Business Team Effectively In 2021

You have plunged into starting a solo business venture, congratulations! Being a solopreneur is a great experience for inspired individuals, but failing to manage your team can turn into a disaster. When everything starts expanding, you can easily miss out on important things—what pulled you to your passion company in the first place, and at […]

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7 Elements for Crafting a Solid Time Management Plan For Remote Teams

Effective time management means productivity and efficiency; it means deadlines are met. And for a team working on a project, it means that everyone does his part according to the scheduled plan. For the organization, it means goals and objectives are met. But what if that team is composed of remote workers? More and more, […]

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9 Ways to Maintain Leadership While Working Remotely

With the number of remote employees growing, it can be difficult to navigate the new ways in which you lead your team if you are used to face-to-face interactions. Between time differences, meeting overloads, and issues getting messages across, you may feel as though you are failing your team in terms of leadership. If you […]

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How Digital Identity Supports the Remote Workforce

In the recent past, you needed to report to work physically and stay the usual 8 hours a day in the office. However, that’s not the case today.  Things have changed very first as people continue to embrace remote working, thanks to technology and innovation.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many enterprises have managed to […]

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Managing Employees who Remote Work? No More So Tricky

Remote work, defined in a lay man’s terms, would mean working in a location other than a traditional office. So whether you are in your pyjamas in your sofa or in your shorts sunbathing on a beach, if you have a laptop, an internet connection and a telephone, you still can be a productive employee. […]

By Shweta Sharma | Management

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