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How to Encourage Mental Well-Being While Working Remotely

Remote working has been on the minds of office workers for many years; however, the COVID-19 crisis has meant employees all over the world have had to quickly adapt to working from home. And the changes might be for good with a survey from the British Council for Offices (BCO) finding that office workers are […]

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Managing Employees who Remote Work? No More So Tricky

Remote work, defined in a lay man’s terms, would mean working in a location other than a traditional office. So whether you are in your pyjamas in your sofa or in your shorts sunbathing on a beach, if you have a laptop, an internet connection and a telephone, you still can be a productive employee. […]

By Shweta Sharma | Management

Why You Can’t Really Work From Home On Your Laptop In Bed?

For many people these days, the idea of working from home used to be a dream, but is now a feasible reality. Lots of companies now offer some degree of telecommuting, and of course there are some freelance jobs you can do from home full time. The thought of being able to spend your working […]

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5 Tips for Managing Telecommuting Employees

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer touched off a firestorm when she snuffed out Yahoo’s telecommuting program. Mayer’s decision provides an excellent case study for students receiving both traditional and online organizational management degrees. Does telecommuting have a negative effect on teamwork in every workplace or is telecommuting wrong for Yahoo because of the company’s fragmented culture? […]

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