Using Press Releases To Get Free Publicity In The Media

Using Press Releases To Get Free Publicity In The Media

What is a press release?

A press release  is a written statement created for distribution to media outlets that has some news related value.

How have press releases changed over the years?

Before the economic crash, press releases allowed companies to announce accomplishments and hopefully gain interest from media professionals to investigate further. A press release was how reporters decided whether or not to pitch a full article or column. Once the 2008 financial crisis occurred, the purpose of press releases have changed immensely.

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Are you in here?

Currently press releases are used more as web content.  In a day and age where the person who publishes news first wins, press releases are vital. They allow all the information a media outlet needs in a format that they can “cut and paste” which in turn allows them to publish online as fast as they can type.  This is why the format of a press release is so important.

If long winded corporate speak isn’t newsworthy to their readers your press release loses its value. Don’t count on your press release being read top to bottom. Include as much of the important information about your press release in the first paragraph.

If a press person wants to supplement the story with additional information found further down the piece they may do so but the decision whether or not it is news is made reading the first paragraph. Crucial information left to the bottom means the information simply wasn’t that important in the first place.

You might ask, “If getting my press release picked up is so hard, why should I do it?” In short, it’s free advertising and the world isn’t slowing down any time soon.  Everyone regardless of profession is being hit faster and harder with every kind of advertising impression imaginable. A press release is one way to remind the media that you exist. Repeated effective press releases show that you are serious and is a way to get free publicity in the media to your business, the visibility that you need to succeed.

Elysabeth Fulda has been writing press releases for over 10 years and is director of the Sphinx Group, a sales and marketing firm for entertainment related companies

Professionally Written Press Release = More Visibility = More Traffic = More Customers.


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