5 Tips to getting a social security card for your newborn child

Every US citizen should have a social security card. It is good to get one for a newborn child immediately after the child is born. With assc card, your child can take advantage of its many benefits. They include access to government services, including medical coverage for the baby, or for things as important as opening a savings account for your baby. Some parents also buy bonds for their kids at that young age as a form of a long-term investment that will mature over time. You may use the social security card to buy such bonds. A few tips will help you to get the social security card easily.

Here are five tips to getting a social security card for your newborn child:

  1. Apply during childbirth

Applying for a social security card for your child is voluntary. You may apply for the card at any time. But applying it at the hospital gives you a better chance to have it processed fast. Remember you will need the card for medical cover too. Kids are prone to diseases at that tender age. You should arrange for their medical coverage when they are born. Having a social security card makes the process easier and faster.

  1. Have the required documents ready

When filing the application form, there are a number of documents that will be required. The social security numbers of both parents, the child’s birth certificate and proofs of baby’s citizenship. You may also need copies of your own identification documents. You may use a passport, the national ID or even a driving license. If you have all these documents ready, then filing for your child’s social security card will be easier.

  1. Apply online

In case you fail to apply for the social security card for your baby while at the hospital, the other easier alternative is to apply online. You can get the form through any of the reputable USA social security card filling services. Ensure that you fill the form correctly so that it is processed fast. Some of the required information includes the reason for applying for the card, the child identification and place of birth as well as your physical address. The filing service provider will give you professional guidance to ensure that you get the social security card fast.

  1. Be informed

Long before the child is born, you should plan on how to get the social security form. You can research online on requirements and procedure to be followed when applying for the card. You should check for tax –breaks relating to children, and other financial aspects that affect your child and how your social security card can help.

  1. Social security administration

If you don’t have any other alternative, you may use this method. It takes time, and you will be required to visit the administration offices to complete the forms. This applies to US-born kids only. For adopted kids, there is a separate form and procedure to be followed.

These few tips will help you get a social security form for your baby fast. Remember there is a lot of information on simple ways to apply for the card. You should constantly review available information regarding this process online.


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