Book Review: Permission Marketing

Permission Marketing

Seth Godin’s book Permission Marketing is one of the most timely books for the new era of marketing. With the internet becoming a prominent form of communication, the new ways of marketing are dramatically changing. Seth believes the new marketer will take permission from his prospects before sending him information.

Seth believes the old era of interruption marketing is over. However, several companies are still stuck in the old era of interruption marketing. Tele-calling, sms blasts  and junk email are still being used by several organizations for no results at all. The traditional forms of marketing are expensive, not easily trackable and do not really produce the results companies are looking for.

Seth believes the new marketing philosophy is turning strangers into friends, and friends into life-time customers. He believes frequency builds trust and permission facilitates frequency.

Overall, this book is a must-read for all marketers and entrepreneurs. Even if you do not agree with Seth Godin’s methods, this book will give you a totally different perspective on marketing.

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