Book review: Whole Business Thinking

Whole Business Thinking

Robert S. Block’s book “Whole Business Thinking” is one of the best business books to read this year. Finally, there is a book that explains business finance and ways that executives, managers, and small business owners can understand them. Easy to download and read, this book is remaking the roles of executives and corporate officers in their business decisions.

Whole Business Thinking

This easy to read and understand book details all the questions that are involved when trying to improve a business’s financial and operating performance. What truly makes this book unique is that the terms and concepts are simple enough that they can be applied in personal financial matters as well.

With complicated financial ideas simplified into easy to understand plans and long term goals, the Whole Business Thinking – Executive Management also helps it’s readers to implement these plans in their businesses. Readers learn how past financial decisions affect a business’s finances in the present and future. Discover how to correct past mistakes, and not repeat them. Other items covered center on how to link finance with operation, and how efficient operations equal better financial projections. Managers learn how to look at the larger picture, and to analyze the small details.

Whole Business Thinking also has over 700 terms and measures listed and defined. This allows the reader to understand the terms as they are applied to financial. This also makes this book extremely important not just to business executives but also to Business students who greatly benefit from reading this book by not only gaining a better understanding of the financial terms applied in business, but also from participating in several different interactive parts of the 3D book. Included with the chapter summaries are charts, graphs and reviews. These provide an excellent learning opportunity for any student interested in business and finance.

Small business owners are now able to to understand and employ the same financial and operating practices as the larger corporations. With this book, anyone can chart and plan a personal or small business future that satisfies expectations. For more details, please visit

Robert S. Block

The author of Whole Business Thinking has spent most of his life working on ways to improve his own business management skills. Beginning in the 1960’s with an IBM computer, up to the present day Robert S. Block has always acknowledged the link between a business’ finances and their productivity. After more than forty years spent developing his own financial plan, he is well qualified to author this 3D book.

He has always believed that communication and computers are vital to running a successful business. With the advent of the internet and technology, new challenges are constantly arising in management, making his book an extremely efficient tool in understanding and growing a company’s financial future.

The Whole Thinking Business – Executive Management is a much needed lesson in how to properly manage a business’ finances and operations. The surprising aspect of this is the popularity the book is gaining in the private sector. With clear, concise language, and well defined terms, this little 3D book is opening financial doors to everyone. Whether the business is large or small, just opening or long standing, this is a book that everyone interested in finance and business needs to read.


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