Business Insurance: Does your business need it?

Businesses have to take risks to ensure consistent growth. As a business owner, you need to be bold and innovative offering something new every time. Business insurance gives you the courage to do so, knowing that you have someone to take care of the risk you run. It’s s an absolute necessity for every business owner to have his business insured. There are different types of insurance products that cover you, your company and its core values. Here are different types of business insurance products that a business might need

1. Professional Liability Insurance

Your company wants to have smiling customers. You strive courageously for it so that your clients become enthusiastic ambassadors for your brand. But, if you fail to deliver according to their expectations, and a customer is not satisfied, what happens then? Professional liability insurance is designed to protect you from controversies that come your way in such a situation.

Professional liability insurance covers the cost of compensation you need to pay to a dissatisfied customer along with all the legal costs involved. If you offer a service, handle customers, manage the data or deal with intellectual property, professional liability insurance is a must have for you.

2. Office insurance

Office insurance ensures that the contents of your office are in safe hands. They are there to help your company if something is stolen, lost, or damaged in an accident. Some insurers offer protection for items such as artwork and standard goods, but not all, so make sure that you pick an option that offers the maximum protection. Make sure that the portable tools used by your company will be replaced if theft or something similar happens. Portable items may include:



Digital Cameras and Camcorders

Auxiliary hardware such as printers

Photographic equipment and other displays , such as projectors

Equipment and tools

3. Business interruption

If your business premises is compromised due to fire, flood or theft and your business is losing money due to that, you will have a payment from the insurer to compensate for the decrease in income. You might also get money to arrange for a temporary accommodation for running your business.

4. Legal cover

In case your business is facing property disputes and the safety of your business premises is at risk, then the insurer company will cover all the necessary legal expenses.

5. Building cover

If you have your own premises, you should get business insurance. It will help your business in a number of ways, including accidental damage to the building.

6. E-insurance against risks

Businesses need to use internet. But, the use of the Internet for business purposes has its own risks. E-insurance provides you a protection against viruses or hackers hitting the technology used in your business.

While you’re working hard to grow your business, someone with a malicious intent could steal your intellectual property. E-insurance will be there to protect your data and help your realise the full potential of your business. If staying digital is a necessity for your business, you need to think about having E-insurance.

7. Public liability

Meeting clients and customers is essential for most businesses. You have to stay at the forefront making an unforgettable impression. But if an accident happens around your premises and someone gets harmed, you need the support. Liability insurance may be that support, covering the cost of the compensation you will be supposed to pay. The rise of the “No Win No Fee ” legal services has made businesses to pay a high price for accidents. With liability insurance, you will be supported.

8. Key person insurance

In case you have your business dependent on some particular kind of expertise that only few people working with you have, then you should also consider having key person insurance. This type of plan compensates a business if the key person involved faces death or long term disability. The business is provided with additional funds until it finds an appropriate replacement for the key person, or until the key person returns back to work.

9. Buy sell insurance

People operating under partnerships must consider having Buy- Sell insurance. If one of the partners dies or wishes to discontinue doing the business or becomes disabled, then buy sell insurance will make sure that normal business operations are not affected due to paying the leaving partner his share of the business.

You need insurance to be credible

In today’s economy, having enough credibility is an absolute necessity. Costly mistakes can jeopardise your credibility and even the existence of your business. Only few people can afford to pay thousands in terms of compensation or legal fees, if somebody makes a complaint against their business. However, for a reasonable monthly fee, you can protect yourself and your customers against a range of eventualities.


Insurance can sometimes feel like an unnecessary cost, when you pay the premiums for years and years without getting anything in return. However, in case of emergency, having the right insurance could make all the difference. The benefits that a good business insurance policy offers are enormous. They are not only protecting your business, but your life. If your company has failed because it was not adequately covered, it can seriously dent your personal finances. Protecting your business with sufficient business insurance coverage will not only protect your business and your dreams for the future, but it also protects you and your family from grievous times.

Apart from having the ability of making profits, being able to anticipate the future and plan for the events is an essential quality for success in business. Business insurance makes sure that you have full control of your future rather than being controlled by it. Unfortunately, there is no one plan that can fit the needs of every kind of business. It is necessary that you shop around to find the product best suited for your business needs.

Since having your business insured plays an important role in protecting your business, it is important to ensure that you choose the best insurer and the insurance policy. Internet is the best place to find the policy that fits your business needs.


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