Team activities – Celebrating Small Victories

What do you do when your team reaches a milestone or completes a huge work order? Do you just move on to another project? Or do you take that as an opportunity to motivate your team to do even better? One of the most important team activities is to celebrate small victories along the line. These small celebrations can create that spark in your employees that will energize them and keep them in good spirits.

Here are some reasons why you must incorporate the habit of celebrating small achievements with your team:

It reminds your team of your final goal

Its easy to get engrossed in your busy day-to-day activities and forget the final goal. But, when you celebrate small victories as one of your core team activities, you will remember your final goal and enable your team to act accordingly to reach that final destination. That reminder gives your team a clear message about what is really important.

Shifts the focus of your team towards the positive

Yes, your team has its own share of flaws and weaknesses that it needs to overcome. Yes, there are some areas were your team wasn’t successful in reaching the benchmark for success. But, this is a time to shift your focus from them and to acknowledge all the positives, strengths and victories of your team.

Core of team building – Unifies your members on a common ground

Each member of your team has his own style, personality, thinking capacities, belief systems, backgrounds and core principles. But, the core of team building is to unify the team towards a common goal. Some people are just not easy to get along but, this gives the entire team an opportunity to get closer.

Refreshes minds

When you shift from your routine work and have a celebration – in spite of its duration, it will help you and your team by relaxing and refreshing your minds. That will give them the energy and strength to push for their next victory.

Time to look back

It gives your team time to look back on their road that led them to this achievement. It shows them how far they’ve come in spite of obstacles, limitations and difficulties.

Encourages you to know that your strategies worked

More than anything, you are reminded and encouraged of the fact that your strategies to attain certain goals have proved to be good in delivering the results that you were hoping for. This will also strengthen your team members by letting them know that their efforts didn’t get wasted and there is a sense of accomplishment.

Rewarding deserving team members

Celebrations give you an opportunity to acknowledge and reward deserving team members for their distinguished quality of work, overtime efforts, out of the box thinking and ideas that made a difference. Rewarding them will not only encourage them to do more but will also inspire others to put their best foot forward.

When you inspire and appreciate your team, you are not only building them up with encouragement but you are also enhancing your own brand image as a leader.


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