Motivating Employees To Perform Better

Your team of employees can either make or break your organization. Motivating employees is the fundamental core for an effective organization. When you learn how to motivate employees, there is a possibility of outperforming your competition.

Here are some ways to motivate your team:

Public praise them on their achievements

Motivating employees is more about ‘appreciating’ them for their strengths and achievements rather than condemning them for their weaknesses. When you praise your employees in public, it not only encourages and motivates them to continue their good work, it could induce them to perform even better next time.

Create healthy competition in your workplace

Human beings love competitions. We tend to do better when there is healthy competition. Giving out prizes like ‘employee of the month’ based on quantifiable, measurable results, or giving unusual prizes like ‘Employee who was able to handle the most challenging client’ will inspire them to throw their nets deep to get a good catch. Giving a ‘prestige title’ might be a simple thing for the employer but it can do wonders for employee morale.

Individual empowerment

‘Public praising’ is good but cannot be done all the time nor can it be done frequently. But as human beings, we are all in need for acceptance, appreciation and encouragement. When employees know that their boss is supportive of them and is on their side, it gives them the freedom to try new things. It helps to individually attend to their concerns and issues at the workplace. Appreciating and giving a word of encouragement on a regular basis can boost their confidence and help foster a tremendous rise in productivity.

Encourage creativity and support new ideas

You may never know how ‘one’ idea can revolutionize everything. Each individual has a unique way of looking at things and in generating creative ideas. Don’t discount any new idea but rather validate them and check their effectiveness for your business. When you encourage brainstorming and motivate your team to think out of the box, not only will you come out with some amazing strategies for your company but you will also see that it results in building up self confidence of your employees.

Being considerate

Employees are at ease and are inspired to put their best foot forward when they realize that their boss is considerate of their needs, gentle and flexible. If the boss is considerate in giving the employee flexibility, it’s an additional perk.

Celebrate even small victories with your team

You don’t have to wait till the end of the year to celebrate your success with your team. You can even celebrate small victories, like completing a momentous deal or on achieving a milestone. That will stimulate employees and boost them for greater achievements.

Motivating employees isn’t an easy task. But it’s something that is important for the success of an organization.


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