Classy Gift and Presents for Dads and Grads

Classy Gift and Presents for Dads and Grads

When it comes to gift giving your options are virtually endless. Narrowing down your gift selection to that one special item can be a very difficult task especially when you are shopping for someone that is hard to buy for. Late spring and early summer finds many people struggling to find a great gift for the dads and grads in their life. All fathers appreciate a classy gift and recent graduates in particular struggle to afford the high quality items that will help them make a good first impression on the job.

Why a touch of class really matters

Classy gifts like the ones listed below are great for any gift giving occasion and they will especially please those people on  your list that are challenging to shop for. These quality purchases are durable and made to last so you can feel confident that your money is being well spent. They are also examples of traditional craftsmanship; they will complement anyone’s taste. And finally, classy gifts have a timeless appeal. You will not have to worry about anything on this list going out of style soon.

Nice luggage

Whether you travel once a year or once a month, taking a trip is much more enjoyable when you get to use a nice piece of luggage. Inexpensive luggage tends to be poorly made and constructed with materials that will wear out after a few years. Torn shells, pulled zippers, and broken wheels are going to quickly follow any purchase of cheap luggage.

Good luggage is going to cost a little more but it is an investment that will pay off for many years. Leather luggage in particular is a mark of quality. How so?

  • Unlike cloth, leather resists pulling, tearing, and fraying
  • Leather is more water resistant
  • The leather used for luggage is much thicker than cloth
  • A leather bag looks better the more it is used

Briefcases, laptop bags, and more

If a large piece of leather luggage is out of your price range, consider a smaller bag. A handsome leather attache case, briefcase, travel bag, or laptop bag is much less expensive than a suitcase but has all the same benefits. Young people in particular are likely to get a lot of use out of a leather bag or carrying case. If you wish to augment the gift, purchase a leather care kit and gift that as well. This will help your loved one take care of this special new present.

Engraved pens

The weight of a fine pen makes writing a comfortable and enjoyable task. Each element of a high quality writing pen has been carefully constructed to ensure an effortless flow of ink; the pen will reliably produce smooth fluid lines. Many fine pens are sold in sets consisting of a ballpoint pen, fountain pen, and automatic pencil. Sets come in an attractive presentation box that makes gift giving a snap. Stores that sell high quality pen sets usually offer engraving services. The addition of initials or a date will transform this gift into something one of a kind.

Classy gifts like these have a timeless appeal. They will never go out of fashion and they can be used for many years to come. You can celebrate a milestone graduation or show your affection for a special dad in your life by giving one of these gifts.


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