Consistency Matters: Custom Warehouse Signs are More Than Just Aesthetics

Consistency Matters: Custom Warehouse Signs are More Than Just Aesthetics

Warehouses are a critical step in the supply chain. Much like production facilities, warehouses don’t have a lot of public visibility – yet delays and mishaps have a major impact on the end consumer. It’s easy to think that the visual appeal and layout of a warehouse don’t matter much, but these factors all play a role in efficiency and productivity. Custom warehouse signs provide a foundation for an organized, efficient layout that reduces errors and streamlines processes in the warehouse setting.

Use Color Elements as Traffic Cues

Some warehouse signs have the option of including color elements. Color elements can be used to signal product categories or specific areas of a warehouse, but can also serve as traffic cues. This aids navigation and provides staff with directional cues to avoid traffic jams and delays – which can reduce productivity and, in severe cases, delay shipments.

Color elements can easily be coordinated to signal that traffic is permitted to flow through aisles in only one direction, or that traffic coming from one direction must yield to the primary traffic flow. Warehouses use this feature in innovative ways to provide an additional level of organization and optimize the flow of products through the facility.

Hanging Warehouse Signs Identify Broad Areas

Hanging warehouse signs can be located in easy-to-see areas, allowing workers to quickly identify the correct areas of the building to stock products or retrieve orders for shipments. These broad identification clues reduce unnecessary time spent traveling through aisles to pinpoint the proper products.

Hanging warehouse signs are designed with visibility in mind, with crisp black graphics in various font options, logos and other graphics, and even color elements to suit secondary functional needs.

Fixed Mount Warehouse Signs with Barcodes or Text Aid Visibility

Visibility can pose challenges in the warehouse setting when it comes to custom warehouse signage. That’s why large, fixed-mount warehouse signs are useful. These signs are printed with oversized, crisp black text or barcodes that offer excellent visibility and support long-range scanning. When productivity is a top priority, the time it takes to stop, get close enough to scan a barcode, and return to the main travel aisle is valuable time that could be spent elsewhere.

Fixed mount warehouse signs may contain logos and other graphics, and they may also include color elements for an added layer of functionality. When implementing a custom warehouse signage solution, consider the various ways each type of warehouse sign can be utilized to streamline the workflow.

Door and Dock Signs for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Proper door and dock identification is essential for the modern warehouse. Shipping and receiving mix-ups commonly occur at these locations – often as a result of misidentification. With a consistent warehouse signage solution, there’s no guesswork involved in properly identifying the right location for both incoming and outgoing shipments.

It’s also important to consider indoor and outdoor use requirements. Outdoor door and dock signs should be constructed of more durable materials to withstand typical weather conditions, such as rain, sunlight exposure and even snow and wind. All these elements will break down a weaker sign that’s not designed for outdoor use more quickly. That means warehouse managers may create substandard replacements with weaker materials, such as simple poster board. The inconsistent look can lead to confusion, and these replacements often won’t last long in harsh exterior conditions. Investing in a durable warehouse signage solution from the start avoids these problems.

Custom warehouse signs are great for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your warehouse, but they serve a multitude of more important functions. Camcode produces signs for warehouses with visibility and long-distance scan-ability, durable options for outdoor dock and door identification, and color element options to provide directional cues or labeling of broader areas in the building. Custom warehouse signage is a must for the modern warehouse – do it right from the start for the most consistency and functionality.


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