How Employers Get Creative With Hiring During Coronavirus Pandemic


There is little doubt that the world of work has been turned upside down by COVID-19. This is a pandemic that has touched every part of society. However, despite lockdowns and other restrictions, businesses are attempting to continue functioning.

Alongside this, workers around the world have been involved in furlough schemes as well as maintaining incomes. This has provided the opportunity for some workers to temporarily switch firms without penalty.

It’s become clear that employers need to be increasingly creative to find and hire the right person during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Going Virtual

Any worker that is able to work from home has been encouraged to do so. This is a sensible precaution to reduce the spread of the virus. 

Employers are also adopting a virtual process to recruit new staff, even if the job involves being physically present, such as a grocery store worker. 

Virtual employment applications have allowed businesses to react with speed. An online application can be submitted one day, two individual interviews can be carried out within the next two days and the new employee can start working the day after.

To achieve this, the applicant doesn’t just apply online. They are also interviewed via a video conference call and the hiring paperwork is also digitally handled.

In order to gain speed in hiring, the background checks are processed after hiring. Of course, the employer retains the right to fire any employee with poor results connected to background checks.

This may be considered a new normal but it is worth noting that this is unlikely to be a permanent change. Employers generally still prefer the experience of meeting a candidate face to face as this enables them to gauge reactions and suitability better.

What About Contractors?

It can be much harder for an employer, or even an individual to take on a contractor. Personality is important, and qualifications matter. But, the most important criterion is their ability to do a job. 

It’s difficult to assess this over a virtual interview. Many employers and individuals are choosing to hire virtually through agencies.

For example, if you need a reliable electrician, then check out these electrician jobs Sydney offers. Because the people on the agency books have already been vetted and checked, you’re more likely to get someone capable of doing the job properly.

In short, using an agency means it’s possible to take on a contractor with confidence. Considering jobs like electricians are essential to the ongoing success of a business. It’s important to get the very best employee which is highly possible if you trust the agency you are working with.


While businesses are busy creating safe working areas, it’s essential to consider how you’re going to train new staff. 

The current approach is to create videos that illustrate in a step-by-step manner how each job is done. A potential or new employee can be shown relevant videos to ensure they know what to do and that they’re happy doing it. 

This eliminates the need for a person to person contact or even close proximity interaction.

Employer Collaboration

One of the most positive innovations during the pandemic is employers working together. Employees that have been furloughed by one company can be made available to another company.

The furloughed employee will still need to apply in the normal fashion and alert their current employer regarding their application. The current employer can provide information to the other employer regarding their suitability, helping employees to keep working.

In addition, employers looking for employees can share this information with other employers. These will then distribute the information to furloughed workers that they believe would be well-suited to the roles available.

It’s unusual for employers to help each other out instead of competing over the best staff. But, this approach is helping businesses to keep trading and employees to keep working.

Care Packages

Being able to provide someone with a job is no longer enough for many employees.  What’s more important than the remuneration is how an employee will be looked after when working for a new company.

Employers need to demonstrate their approach to PPE, how they will look after employees during the health crisis, and the precautions they will take to protect employees from Coronavirus. 

This generally revolves around cleaning procedures, limiting customer numbers, PPE, and distancing. Even a new worker will be entitled to sick pay. This provides confidence in the system which helps to attract new workers.

This is perhaps one of the most interesting changes within the hiring process. The emphasis is on showing an employee what can be done for them, as opposed to the employee simply being grateful for a job. 


It’s worth noting that many employers who are looking for full-time workers are hiring on a contract basis instead of as a new staff member. This is especially relevant if the position is remote.

Any employee can start working for the company, but as a contractor, they are working as though self-employed. Once travel is possible and face-to-face interviews are allowed, you will be able to assess the employee and change their status from a self-employed contract to a permanent staff member. 

An alternative to this is to simply use experienced freelancers instead as they are self-employed, they know how to produce the necessary work, and can be easily changed if they don’t work out now or in the future.

Anything Is Possible

The bottom line is that technology has made it possible to have conversations with people without ever getting close to them. By utilizing this technology and remaining open to other innovations, you can still hire the right person and keep your business trading.

Not only will this help you through this difficult period, but it will also give you a strong starting base to build your business after the virus has passed. Not only will you have the staff to help you, but you will also know they are some of the best currently available.

All you have to do as an employer or an employee is to remain open to possibilities.



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