How and When to Hire Private Security Services

How and When to Hire Private Security Services

Post 9/11 there has been a heightened interest relative to how and when to hire private security guards for individuals and businesses. To fulfill their needs efficiently, both businesses and individuals in the San Jose area are opting to visit different websites like San Jose security guard. With almost 50 years of experience, First Security Services is in a position to offer qualified consultation, make recommendations and to implement protective measures for both residential and commercial clients.

To make this task seem less daunting, businesses and individuals have found guidelines available at various sites to be extremely helpful and easy to follow.

Step 1. Decide what type of service is needed or desired

Basically, the two categories of protective service are: Executive Protection and what is referenced as Talent Protection. Executive Protection is predominently used by corporate officials, political candidates and highly-prominent families. Many companies in the entertainment industry and members of professional sports teams opt for Talent Protection.

Step 2. Guidelines and Policies for Security Protection

Protective Service Experts strongly urge business and the general public to be aware that there are few strict regulations addressing titles and credential possession by service provider entities in the United States.

Professionals advise the use of U.S. Secret Service guidelines as a model. Members of this prestigeous entity are clean-cut, educated, well-spoken and endeavor to prevent or instantly and actively intercede should an incident occur. Those whose persona reflects the aforementioned qualities stand in direct contrast to Incredible-Hulk-type individuals servicing celebrities and other high-profile clients.

Step 3. Conduct Research Prior To Engaging Service

Become familiar with licensing regulations in the your state or the state where a business event is to be held. Most states only require the possession of a concealed weapon permit, which anyone can easily obtain. The absence of credential regulations afford many purporting to be qualified security guards to merely be in possession of a security course certificate, which can be easily obtained by completing a $100 security course online.

Step 4. Check for Evidence of Government Protective Services Course Completion

In addition to former members of the U.S. Secret Service or the Diplomatic Security Service, many agents around the globe are graduates of the U.S. Marine Corps Protective Service Training Center, the U.S. Army Central Indelligence Division, the U.S. Navy Central Investigative Service or the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigation.

Headquartered in San Jose, Henley-Putnam University offers online degree programs at the bachelors, masters and doctorate level in personal protection management under the auspices of former top-level security personnel. H-PU is formally known as the California University of Protection and Intelligence Management.

In addition to course completion, security agents under consideration should possess a minimum of 10 years experience and at least 100 hours of security training practice.

Step 5. Credential Examination

Security agents who are former U.S. Military personnel and who have been honorably discharged are in possession of a DD214.

Step 6. Photocopy documents to include Social Security Card, Driver’s License and other professional documentation.

Step 7. Conduct a Background Check.

While some basic identification statistics can be obtained free online, most websites require payment of a nominal fee to obtain an individual’s detailed personal and employment history.

Step 8. Disclosure Agreement Usage

The Internet is filled with a plethora of websites that provide a suggested format or one that can be easily downloaded for free. This document should be presented to each potential candidate and signed by both parties prior to the beginning of the initial interview.

Step 9. Important Procedures To Be Addressed During Interviews

Potential candidates should be made aware of expectations relative to vehicle entry and exit by the protectee. If advance planning is required for events and other business activity, expectations should be clearly defined. Whether for business or personal security protection, a discussion should commence relative to measures to be instituted in the event of crisis occurrence. Candidates who possess firearms and security training experience or educational certification should disclose these capabilities during the interview.

Step 10. References

The interviewer should be empowered with the responsibility of requesting references from previous employment and make each candidate aware that these will be verified. Reference query should address bonding and insurance capability of the potential security agent.

According to information available at, the presence of security guards on the premises of any business assures customers and employees that the company values their patronage and their service.


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