7 Instagram Analytics Tools You Should Use To Maximize Your Audience Reach

instagram analytics tools

Instagram is famous for engagement, but how will you measure or track it? This article will cover some of the Instagram analytics tools that you must be aware of.

People on social media interact and engage with brands, products, and other individuals. Social media will never exist without the presence of engagement. But compared to other social media channels, engagement is everything for Instagram.

Instagram engagement is evaluated in any place from four to twelve times when compared with other social media. Meanwhile, you can use this stage for your sales funnel and lead generation. But, your marketing efforts will not get backlinks for your sales all the time. This shows you must develop other possible and effective ways to track or measure your performance to justify your action.

But, how will you process it? Here I have come up with a few Instagram analytic tools, which are worth your time.


Let’s start with Iconosquare, which assists you in understanding your posting frequency. It will tell you how it relates or whether it gains any new followers or loses one daily. Using this tool, you can easily manage how you post over multiple platforms at the same time. It will be incredibly beneficial for businesses or freelancers who want to free their time and manage plenty of clients or more departments within the same company in the same framework.

Iconosquare will give details about comments and people interaction on every content. It helps to keep track of your conversion. One of the best parts of Iconosqaure is, it will provide you a library of engaging content. Here, you can quickly search for any kind of beautiful and high-resolution images and use them for your content.

Iconosquare also features an editorial calendar view which gives you the capability to schedule your content in advance. With the ability to plan your content ahead, your will be able to produce high-quality posts. This way, you can find the right influencer for your account to run any campaign and create new posts. You can even pick influencers based on their follower count and engagement metrics and let you compare them.

Sounds good, right? It will give you in-depth engagement insights like the number of tags and mentions count. Moreover, you can check how your hashtags are working and find the best times and days to post. You can fix your engagement by benchmarking against your competition.

This tool offers you a free trial for 14 days.

Sprout Social

Actually, sprout social tools have similar features to Iconisquare, like content creation and management tools.

This tool has an exclusive feature for the editorial calendar. Through this, you can schedule new posts across multiple social media platforms (like Twitter, Facebook). This tool is ideal for large-scale organizations with rigid guidelines because there is a centralized media library to control the built-in editing tools.

If the content is ready, with the help of push notification, you can update your followers instantly.

This tool includes social CRM that helps to pass conversation into the central “smart” box. By getting access to this feature, you can boost your conversation from time to time.

You can even get a deeper look into your hashtag performance and location that has been geotagged, thus allowing you to pay attention to your content performance across multiple media.

After that, you can compile all those insights into a report format that can easily be exported and downloaded by clients. 


Keyhole is well-known for giving customer-real-time feedback. For instance, drop a specific account or hashtags or keywords to figure out what trend is starting to boom.

This tool also tracks your internal trend. On top of that, it will give you an overview of your data, such as what actions are driving more followers’ growth.

It is a perfect tool for those who want to know their competitors’ performance, like what is working for them and what is not. Moreover, you can select your own KPIs to track to save time. Keyhole will automatically generate the report; that is, it will organize your data in a well-structured manner.

Plus, Keyhole helps you read quickly, and share the report with your team members.


SquareLovin will merge both aggregate data, that is, the total number of views and followers. Along with individual metrics on each post, it will give you overall engagement data. In case you receive less engagement rate, try to maximize your reels’ likes on Instagram, which helps to gain instant attention from your audience. Thereby, you can boost your engagement for the rest of the content. Through increasing reels engagement, you can improve your visibility in front of a massive crowd.

SquareLovin is most famous for giving you the best time to upload your post. Like other Instagram, it will provide you with the best time frames for posting the content based on the metrics. At the same time, it will tell you what you should not post, which is more valuable when you post all the time.

Anyways, you have to try out the few best times to increase your performance rate. In this way, you can quickly identify which hours must be ignored while uploading the post.


Most of the Instagram analytics will provide you details like how your account works and relies on your specific KPIs.

What is new on Minter.io? Well, it will give you one step forward information like what content you must post. It will give tactical insights so you can make wise content decisions.

For instance, this tool will tell you which photo filter is forming well among your audience based on multiple metrics. With the help of several data points, you can pick which filter works for your post.

Everybody will love this tool, how it turns the post engagement into a performance tool.

Imagine you have two accounts, ist you have 100 followers and 2nd you have 1000 followers, each account receives ten comments. Now say, which one performs well, obviously first, right, it gets a 10% engagement rate on a post rather than 1% engagement rate. It will make a lot of difference at the end of the day.

This tool will assist you in tracking the performance metrics and create a graph to see how your followers are growing with speed and quantity. Usually, all social media make use of internal algorithms to determine how your audience sees your post.

If you receive less engagement rate, the social network will automatically restrict the number of your followers who view your post on a particular day. Hence, we always talk about the importance of engagement rate in social media.

Minter.io will show you pinpoint players who belong to your audience. Actually, it’s an excellent way to find out the right influencer who perhaps enhances your brand message.

Imagine your followers split into the following groups 

  • Mass followers
  • Potentially normal
  • Normal
  • Popular 
  • Influencers 

At last, this platform will give you details like how active followers are there on this platform.

When you’re uploading twice a day, but your maximum audience is posting four times a day. So you can effortlessly increase your posting times without any fear about your community.


Analisa is an influencer marketing platform, which focuses on Instagram analytics. It will provide all the data related to Instagram activities. It helps to analyze a better understanding of the numbers.

In Analisa, you can get two kinds of reports. One is @ account response and @ hashtag report.

Using the @ account report, you can get the following statics, 

  • It will give an overall engagement rate on all of your posts: like rate, comments rate. 
  • Average engagement rate
  • Tags & mentions
  • Posting map, posting activity & people engagement
  • Average comment and likes per post
  • Most used captions & hashtags 

@ Hashtags reports for your campaign will include

  •  Audience & engagement
  • Total posts
  • Total followers reach 
  • Geolocation
  • Average engagement per day
  • Participation 
  • Posting activity & engagement 


SocialRank will offer you complete audience metrics not only for Instagram but also for Twitter.

This tool will give data like other tools mentioned above. Anyways it’s more focused on identifying followers’ patterns. Hence, you can fine-tune your content according to their preference. That is, it will give you info on the most used words in your audience bio and content. On top of that, you can get the most used popular emojis among your audience.

For instance, you are looking for certain bloggers or influencers, you can search for similar bio-based on keywords.

You can filter your target users using location, which helps to reach your targeted audience for your local live event. Moreover, it will tell you people who use specific hashtags in specific areas.


Social is simple to use. Remember, first; you need to understand what people want from you and create content that satisfies their needs. This may sound hard. But, Instagram is one of the powerful marketing tools. Here you can build brand awareness, reach your target audience, boost your sales, and more. You have to find out different ways and methods to measure your results. Check your insights, take action, and update yourself according to the gathered data.

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