How Does Instagram Work For Marketers?

In recent times, Instagram as a social network forum has grown dramatically. It’s a great tool to share photos and videos of your business and get a global audience. The appropriate usage of hashtags can also help you foster the right traffic to your Instagram profile and your business.

Why use Instagram?

According to a recent study, Instagram is considered to be one of the most important social networks today. It goes on to say that Instagram provides 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement than Twitter.

Choosing a strategy for your business

The right strategy can make or break your campaign. The frequency (which is the time at which your content goes live) and the content theme are some factors to keep in mind. Make sure that you don’t post too many or too little posts per day. Figure out a suitable time to publish your content so that it ensures you get the maximum reach.

Eye-catching content

Once you figure out a strategy, you should focus on the kind of content you want to post. For instance, if you are a tourism company, you could put pictures of some magnificent landscapes. When people are scrolling through, they should pause and be intrigued by that particular picture, which in turn leads them to your company profile.

The whole idea behind Instagram is to bring out visual content that will attract your customer`s attention. You could get ideas from your competitor`s posts and also by keeping a check on the latest trends when it comes to publishing content and posts.


Your hashtags play a major role in building a community around your brand. If tactfully created, your hashtags can attract new Instagrammers to your page and brand. Here are some tips you can use in hashtags to maximize your effectiveness:


If your business is a restaurant, you could hashtag your location in order to attract nearby potential customers to your establishment.

Mention famous events

If your company is involved in a popular event or community service, you could tag the name of the event or cause in order to create a buzz. For instance, if you’re company was a sponsor for a national level cricket match, your posts could contain the name of the sporting event in the hashtags.

Also search for all your company related hashtags made by members and like or comment on them in order to increase your interaction with them. Feel free to follow your loyal followers as those personal forms of marketing can really build great customer relationships.

Finally, here are few other things you could do on Instagram:
It’s an easy way to conduct contests – you can conduct contests and use your brand’s hashtag as a method through which your brand name can be followed.

You could advertise through Instagram – You can also reach your target audience faster by advertising on Instagram.

You could take the help of influential Instagrammers – Collaborating with effective Instagrammers can boost your brand awareness greatly.

Instagram is less crowded than Facebook and Twitter at the moment, and the medium of communication is visuals, so it’s far easier to reach out its audience. If your target audience is on Instagram, you should consider trying it out.




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