How Has Instagram Transformed Shopping Today?


From being a visual platform for photo-sharing, Instagram quickly made a smooth transition into the eCommerce scenario, and today it has actually changed the way people shop.

It started with shoppable feeds, and there is an entire range of tools targeted for small business owners; Instagram surely is on a mission to transform the way people shop these days.

Streamlining the Experience of Online Shopping

There are approximately 130 million individuals that tap on a shopping post on Instagram every month. The Instagram checkout is available for eligible creators and businesses in the USA, now making it easier for those who love to shop from the comforts of their home.

Businesses are finding shoppable posts on Instagram an excellent way to showcase their products visually to drive sales. Thanks to the now available Instagram checkout, users on the social media platform get the inspiration they need to make online purchases without the need to leave the app. 

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Perfect Marriage of Instagram With Small Businesses

Small businesses have benefited a lot from Instagram through the years. As simple as knowing when the best time to post on Instagram will allow your audience to take note of your brand’s presence online. With the new feature of Instagram shoppable posts, it gives them tremendous opportunities to generate the perfect revenue stream they want.

The job of Instagram, however, does not stop here. It is introducing innovative features to help regular users shop without problems on the app. 

IGTV Shopping

Instagram recently rolled out IGTV shopping globally, and they announced test shopping on Instagram Reels- this is their alternate offering to the app that is popular for viral videos TikTok in 2020. 

Keeping the above in mind, users online can view and buy products from any part of Instagram directly. For instance, users can make purchases from Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, IGTV, and posts on their feeds. 

Instagram released many features and tools to help small business owners survive after the Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak. IRL shopping had to shut down during the lockdown. Social distancing became the norm, and social media rapidly became a lucrative source of revenue for business brands, retailers, and small business owners across the globe.

In the above context, Instagram launched and released some new features. They are-

  • Instagram shop with a shortcut key on the navigation page
  • Facebook Pay
  • Food Order and Gift Card Stickers 
  • Extending Instagram Shopping to creators and small business owners 
  • Shopping on Instagram Live 
  • IGTV shopping 

Due to the above developments in eCommerce, it is not surprising that people’s shopping behavior is changing as well. Given below is a short synopsis of how Instagram is changing the shopping world today and how business brands are responding to keep up with this dynamic scenario.

new instagram features

1. You can now shop from discovery feeds – Imagine that you walk into a store, and on the shelves, you find everything suited to your budget, personal style, wish list, and more. This will surely give birth to some serious spending on your part. This is what Instagram is actually targeting.

Thanks to its stable algorithm, users’ home feeds will be customized to meet their preferences and tastes. This means they will be featured on the top of the feeds and induce users to buy more. Instagram here aims at giving people a personalized shopping experience that is curated to suit their tastes perfectly.

This means if you are a small business owner and wish to entice customers to buy your products, Instagram is the perfect place for you to start with this 2020. Even if you are new in the field, and wish to sell your products, pay for Instagram views to gain your business’s credibility. In this way, despite being new in the market, you can invoke trust in new customers and use the Instagram platform to sell your products with ease.

2. Impulse spending trends –When the globe settled into the Covid-19 lockdowns; it was only natural that there would be a huge spike in online shopping. There were surveys conducted, and it was discovered that people purchased more online since early March when the Pandemic started to take control over nations of the world. 

This trend continues even after the lockdowns have been lifted. The experience from browsing to shopping increased. Facebook entered the eCommerce market in March with Facebook Shop, and the trend of impulse spending surged like never before.

You should not be perplexed by the name Facebook Shop. This latest feature helps small business owners to open their online stores on both Facebook and Instagram. Users can even tag products on live broadcasts made by these companies. 

These features allow small businesses to open stores and upload a full catalog of their products. Users can do through them, save and share as they please. The purchase process is also hassle-free, and ever since its launch, consumers have started to spend online with a personalized shopping experience from the comforts of their home.

3. Social media influencers have become a part of the sales channel- In the practical and real-world, people share their shopping experiences with their friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. The same takes place in the online world, too, with the help of social media influencers who are a part of the sales funnel.

Business brands are now roping in social media influencers to sell their products online. Word-of-mouth has been successful in the real world, and now with social media influencers and content posted by them, it has widely resorted to the digital world too.

Online users trust the recommendations of these social media influencers. Influencers are able to add shoppable tags to their profiles where users can easily browse to make their desired purchases. Users can add the products to their cart without barriers, and thanks to this trend, spending online on an impulse is getting popular day by day.

Instagram Live also is making its positive contribution to the shopping scenario today. Creators and small business owners can showcase their products to the targeted audience. Featured product links are added to these live feeds so that people can make their purchases instantly. 

Therefore, if you are a product creator or even a small business owner, Instagram gives you the perfect opportunity to drive sales and reap amazing profits with its unique shopping features in 2020 and beyond. 

Feed Composer

The feature called Feed Composer permits you to utilize singular pictures, merry go rounds, and stories from Instagram.

Feed Composer is an incredible method to arrive at possible clients, bringing them to content identified with what they have just communicated enthusiasm for. It makes promotions a lot simpler, permitting you to modify your substance for various crowds, and sparing a lot of time; thus, you should examine how Feed Composer permits you to utilize singular pictures, merry go rounds, and stories from Instagram.

When you have transferred your item index, you can redo the item pictures to draw in clients. Just make sure the guidelines and conditions address the various individuals from your crowd. 

Internet Business and the Difficulties of Offering to a Worldwide Crowd

The capacity is an incredible improvement in web-based shopping. However, Instagram continues to work beyond E-trade. They are assisting with tackling a major issue looked at by multinationals with regard to selling on a worldwide scale.

On the off chance that you have various purchasers in various nations and mainlands, how is it conceivable to converse with every one of them? All things considered, with Instagram Shopping localized. We’ll reveal to you how it functions in a bit.

IG Shopping Checkout

There is a proviso to this new component, an obstruction that any E-business arrangement needs to survive and has existed since the first run through a client. Instagram has just found a way to give it by permitting just endorsed brands to utilize this element. Another segment of the element referenced above can assist clients with feeling somewhat more open to shopping on Instagram.

You don’t simply snap to purchase and afterward kick back and pause, trusting that things will work out. Instagram sends you a pop-up message when the request has been set and sent. Instagram has found a way to give the unwavering quality that customers need when shopping on the web, which is a hint of something better over the horizon for all gatherings included. 

Instagram Shopping Localized and Multi-Markets

IG Shopping is the subsequent stage to make a buying cycle in informal organizations, across the board. In any case, not happy with an incredible turn of events, Instagram is now testing another component to help multinationals through localizing Instagram shopping. This element is likewise in the alpha stage, so it won’t be accessible sooner. Yet, what is IG Shopping Localized? Multinationals have various indexes for various areas. Items are set at various costs, in various monetary standards around the globe. In any case, so what? 

All things considered, offering an item in various monetary forms make trouble for brands as they need to pick a market to “converse with” when they promote on Instagram. This implies that for a little neighborhood organization whose clients communicate in one language and live in one area, a “one-size-fits-all” approach functions admirably. For huge multinationals, nonetheless, a multimarket approach is fundamental. Offering an item in euros to clients in England can go about as an obstruction to buy, thus clients in Spain are offered items in pounds.


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