What Every Business Should Know About Outsourcing eBook Development

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Under ideal circumstances, outsourcing eBook development services should get you more value in a preset time and budget than you are likely to achieve if you do it yourself.

However, there are considerations (and exceptions) related to this, as well as never-ending doubts regarding the efficacy of third-party delegation.

In this space, I plan to tell you what building an eBook entails and why outsourcing is the right move for them. I will also discuss how you can make the most of this opportunity through the right eBook creation services.

Quick Content Overview

  • The Growth of eBooks in the COVID-19 Years
  • Why Do You Need an eBook (And How Outsourcing Helps)
  • What Can Your eBook Be About? How to Choose a Topic?
  • The Technical Aspect of Creating eBooks
  • How to Design an eBook For Better Lead Generation?
  • What Can Outsourcing Do for Your eBook Development Plans?

The Growth of eBooks in the COVID-19 Years

Before the global COVID-19 outbreak, digital media was already evolving rapidly. The rise in eBook readership and publication over the last decade support this medium’s claim as an effective tool to boost brand reach, reputation, and revenue.

And, the pandemic-induced change in consumer behavior has only acted as a catalyst to this transformation.

We have just touched the tip of a long-term transformation that will end in heightened digital consumption figures. Evidence suggests that the eBook sales surge will continue well into the first half of 2021.

Despite this progress, writing, publishing, and distributing an eBook remains a complicated task, owing to the intricacies involved. As wonderful as eBooks are, creating one presents challenges, like developing the right content, marketing to a profitable audience, ensuring maximized comprehension, etc. Plus, the growing demand and audiences have created a sense of urgency in this domain.

Succeeding in this niche requires good content, decent design, and fast production with minimal scope for errors. Hence, the need for interactive eBook development services!

Why Do You Need an eBook (and How Outsourcing Helps)

eBooks are excellent examples of long-form content with a singular focus presented in a digestible format. When used for marketing, their ultimate goal is to offer valuable information to several prospects simultaneously and get something in return.

The ‘return’ could be as elementary as an email for mailing lists or as critical as a successful conversion.

ebook as content marketing tool

Apart From This Basic Feature Set, eBooks Are Also Cultivated as a Marketing Tool Because They Have Proven Their Mettle.

The share of readers in the digital eBook market keeps rising. eReading devices are getting more sophisticated by the day. eBook app development has become one of the leading service segments in IT enterprises.

In the United States, the numbers are staggering. As per the Association of American Publishers,

  • eBook trade sales between January and November 2020 rose by 15.2% in 2020 as compared to the same period in 2019
  • eBook revenues in November 2020 were up 5.1% from that in November 2019

At this point, no one would contradict me if I called digital books a mainstream content marketing essential.

And, Then There Is The Most Powerful Advantage Of eBooks- Amplified Brand Reputation

With the right content, tools, and insights, this medium can help you accomplish a lot.

  • Establish authority
  • Cover complicated subjects
  • Present organized information
  • Utilize visual creativity
  • Invite compelling interactions
  • Create a brand narrative
  • Deliver niche-specific messages
  • Create and maintain a dialog with the audience
  • Invite engagement while avoiding monotony

It all boils down to one thing- building trust. With that achieved, you can generate leads, invite traffic to your websites or social media, or other resources, and boost sales without even trying.

Outsourcing eBook creation services pushes you towards this goal by streamlining and simplifying the process. You put in a quarter of the work and reap the bigger share of the benefits 

How to Choose an eBook Topic?

most popular ebooks

Would you read an eBook about ‘The Best Ways to Suture a Wound’ if it were written by a Web Designer? 

Likely not. Maybe, if the author has written decent medical books. Or if the author is a medical professional! If a certified nurse or surgeon wrote that, definitely!

So, how to choose an eBook topic? Follow this example.

Your eBook can be about anything. Just, pick a subject within reason. Assess its value, appeal, and projected ROI. Build on your authority and reputation. And make sure the idea is relevant to your intended audience.

  • Research high-performing content in your niche
  • Look for a topic that solves a problem or offers information
  • Find out what is trending on major digital channels
  • Look into what your competitors are writing about

Now, if you outsource interactive eBook development, they will not only handle the research but also provide experience & insights. Established third-party vendors use tools that aren’t worth the investment if you only publish a few eBooks annually. Outsourcing also gives you access to dedicated professional assistance, high quality, precision, and speed.

The Technical Aspect of Creating eBooks

With eBooks, the sky is the limit, especially when you add technology to the mix.

For instance, you will need to decide the format for your eBook before publishing. There are many, including PDF, ePUB (for mobile devices), MOBI (Kindle supports it), AZW (Kindle-supported format), IBA (for Apple iBooks Author app), etc.

That’s not the only ‘technical’ decision you’ll be making when publishing an eBook.

A fixed layout or reflowable? Book as an app? Text to speech? Animation? Annotation? Audio clips? Simulations? Assessment?

The list is truly never-ending.

These decisions make a difference when you distribute your eBook across a broad market to different audience demographics. Here, outsourcing has a clear advantage. Expert eBook designers understand the correlation between marketing objectives and the impact of formats, layouts, designs, devices, etc., on them.

How to Design an eBook for Better Lead Generation?

How Can Outsourcing Boost Your eBook Development Plans? 

eBooks offer businesses the opportunity to establish themselves as thought leaders in any industry domain. The challenge lies in researching, creating, designing, publishing, and marketing long-form content that’s also meaningful and contextual to your brand.

You need a to-the-point, well-designed, and market-appropriate eBook as quickly as possible. And, that’s why you need to outsource eBook development tasks.

ebook development services

When you outsource interactive eBook development, you effectively take the additional load off your employees’ hands and receive expert support in return. You can also:

  • Engage your target audience with quality content
  • Get your content from knowledgeable and experienced professionals in your niche
  • Lower your marketing costs
  • Highlight your brand with consistent content
  • Improve your SEO
  • Save your team’s time, efforts, and money

Save Your Time & Money; Boost Effectiveness & Productivity  Outsource eBook Creation Services

So far in this article, we have established three critical considerations.

  1. eBooks are one of the best marketing tools right now
  2. Creating eBooks can be challenging but is just as rewarding for brands and businesses
  3. Outsourcing eBook development services can provide instant benefits while reducing cost, time, and effort

Ideally, the right eBook will establish authority, build brand trust, and generate leads for you. And, if you hire a ghostwriter or outsource interactive book development and get quality content, you can always repurpose it across multiple channels in various ways. You can make blogs, videos, infographics, social media posts, all out of one good eBook. The possibilities are endless.

All you need is an exemplary eBook creation service

So, go ahead and outsource. Keep the basics I shared with you in mind when discussing your requirements and brainstorming the ideas for eBooks. And, if you find any other tips on making eBook development easier or any resources to outsource eBook development services, share them in the comments.

Author Bio:

Ella Wilson is a developer by profession and very interested in the transforming digital arena. She writes about technologies that enterprises can benefit from and advocates new ways to utilize them in everyday business. Using her experience in interactive ebook development, she creates informative pieces that can easily help others wade through this domain.


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