Secrets To Enjoy Work

Life is meant to be enjoyed. We dream of fun times and want to make the best use of those opportunities, and once it’s done, we look back at those amazing memories and wish we could go back in time because holidays act as stress busters. But, do you know you can enjoy work too? Here are some secrets to enjoy everyday life without any regret:

Start your day right

Most times, the minute we rise from bed, we hear voices telling us, “What a lousy day!”, “another boring day! There’s nothing special at work; same old stress”. Stop feeding on these thoughts and reprogram your mind with thoughts like, “Today is a new day. I am expecting pleasant surprises through the day.” Start your day with a positive, energetic and victorious mindset which can pave the way for a great start and enjoy work.

Remember your declaration

All through the day, when thoughts of giving up, depression and negativity come across your mind, remember what you declared in the morning. Go back to that standard and stick to it. It should be a conscious effort to swing back to your fundamentals. ‘Metanoia’ is the Greek word for repentance which simply means ‘Change of mind’. Every time a negative thought flies across your mind, you must change it with a positive one. Your new thought line should be, “Whether things go my way or don’t go my way, I am going to enjoy this day.” Change and renew your mind and you will see a change in your perspective and hereby enjoy your work life.

Enjoy your work day too

Many people wait for ‘holidays’, ‘festivals’ and so on to enjoy their life. It’s true that we look forward to our breaks. But here`s some flash news: you can enjoy yourself every day. You can enjoy while at work, you can enjoy having dinner with your family or you can enjoy listening to something interesting on the radio while traveling to work. Our tomorrow is not guaranteed; so, let`s enjoy our ‘today’.

Now is your time to enjoy

I know people who say, “Let me complete this project, then I’ll enjoy life”, “I’ll get a better job and settle in life and then I will be enjoy’; “I’ll get retired and then I will enjoy my life”. Enjoy every single day of your life because it’s the best gift you can have. I say this very respectfully; since life is so uncertain and even our next breath is not guaranteed, we should learn to enjoy every second. During tiresome practices for a play or choir, thoughts say, ‘When will I get done with this? When will the big day come?” But, looking back I realize, ‘it was during the practice sessions that we enjoyed the most (even more than the day of the play). My point is that we will actually enjoy more in the difficult and growing seasons of our life.

No conditions apply

When it comes to enjoying your day, there should be no strings attached. ‘If things go my way, only then will I enjoy the day.” ; “If my team gets a good name from the client, then I’ll be fine”; “If the proceedings go fine, then I will be happy”. Untie the conditions and let go of them. Enjoy your work and hereby the day for what it holds for you.

Other people cant stop you from enjoying

“Well, my client spoiled my day”; “my subordinate ruined my spirit”; “With all these people treating me like that, how can I enjoy my work?” Here`s the key: people can try their best to shun you down. But, you can learn to ignore and still enjoy yourself. Enjoying your day is your decision not theirs. Quit blaming other people and start enjoying your everyday life.


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