How to Engage Customers at your Next Tradeshow

There’s no point going to an exhibition if you don’t attract the right sort of attention and that means getting visitors to your stand and interacting with them when they’re there. Of course, attracting the right sort of people to your stand can be a big benefit and is one of the best ways to […]

By admin | Marketing

How to Get Customers to Respond to Your Voice Mail Messages

When it comes to engaging with customers, voice mail can be your best friend. Yet, most people use it ineffectively. They copy what other people do when it comes to leaving messages. As a result, they get ignored and the potential customer never engages with them. Here is a simple process to improve your use […]

By Cynthia Kocialski | Marketing

What’s the Best Way to Keep Customers Coming Back?

It’s simple – surprise and delight them. When leading a rapidly-growing company, many entrepreneurs fail to be hyper-focused on their customers’ feedback.  Immediate sales opportunities and scalability issues often take precedence. However, putting customers front and center of your product development process can be the single largest contributor to repeat business — ensuring you’re offering […]

By Amy Buckner | Marketing

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