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How to make your website into a lead generation magnet?

Recently, at a business conference, one of the speakers asked, “How many of you have a website?” It sounded really funny to me. I haven’t heard of a single business that does not have a website. Most people get a website before they even register their business. The question should have been “How many of […]

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Measuring Your Appointment Setting Services

Every few years, a new product is developed that grabs the attention of the masses. One of the more recent product developments that stimulated public interest was the Apple iPhone. Prior to the iPhone, there was the Blackberry. For companies that develop products or services that seemingly take off on their own, attracting millions to […]

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3 Ways To Get More Leads For Your Business

End of the day business is about getting more leads and closing those leads. If you already have too many leads, then you are probably doing something right. This article is for people who want to generate more leads for their business. Lead Source #1: Press releases Press releases are a FREE way of generating […]

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