Tips for Planning Your Office Party

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With the summer in full swing in the US, many companies and businesses are taking advantage of the nice weather to celebrate their accomplishments and thank their staff for all their hard work. Many people look forward to the company picnic or a summer office party, but if you’ve been tasked with organizing it, everyone’s excitement can add extra pressure.

Planning an office party can be very rewarding; nothing beats seeing your coworkers and their families enjoy the fruits of your labor. With that said, planning an office party (or any party) can also be stressful at times. Any event comes with its own unique set of challenges. Fortunately, with the advent of communication and event apps, organizing your business’s summer party has never been easier. Check out the list below for tips to help streamline the party planning process.

Start Early

The earlier you start planning for your event, the better. This will help eliminate extreme stress right from the start and prevent you from feeling rushed, so you can put together a party people actually want to go to. Give yourself plenty of time to develop a good plan, communicate it to your boss, and coordinate with coworkers, venue owners, and any vendors you may be using. Starting your planning early also gives you time to fix any problems that may arise before the party.

Stick to Your Budget

Before you even start planning, it is critical to know your budget. Speak to your supervisor or the person who controls the budget to see what you have to work with. It sounds pretty obvious, but your budget dictates pretty much everything you can do. If you don’t have a lot to work with, consider doing a potluck and asking each coworker to bring one dish. Food can be one of the biggest expenses, so potlucks can be a great way to maximize your budget.

Try an Event App

As mentioned earlier, the creation of event planning apps has made coordinating and organizing office parties easier than ever before. These apps store all the party information in one, centralized location that is updated in real time to help keep everyone on the same page. They also provide a great forum for coworkers to communicate updates and new ideas. MeetApp is frequently ranked as one of the 8 best event apps; it offers admin settings to easily control what participants can change and has the option to incorporate social media feeds and instant evaluation tools (check it out at

Avoid Holidays

Office parties can certainly be used to celebrate a holiday, but if you want people to attend, it is best to schedule it for a day that most people will be at work. Try to avoid holding a party on or around days that people are more likely to take off or be on vacation.

Have a Theme

Picking a theme can be an easy and fun way to add a little something to your party. It can also help the party look put together and cohesive, which is sure to impress your boss and coworkers. You can use the theme to inspire decorations, activities, food, and even a dress code.

Make Sure There Is Something for Everyone to Eat

Choosing a theme for your party can help you decide what food to serve, but don’t let it restrict your food options. Its important to make sure that you have something that everyone can eat, so that means taking into account dietary, religious, or allergic considerations. If the party is for a small group of coworkers, you might already have a decent idea of any dietary considerations, but if it is a large party or family members are coming, you may want to include a dietary restrictions section on your invitations. Whatever you serve, you should also make sure it is easy to eat at the venue. Remember, finger foods work well!


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