Top 3 Gurus Who Can Help You Leverage Your Social Media Efforts

Top 3 gurus who can help you leverage your social media efforts

The last time, I had a seminar in Mumbai, India, an older gentleman who seemed to be over 50 years old asked me how do I get to know about facebook and other social media. At the time, I was presenting a seminar on entrepreneurship and not social media marketing. So now, I decided to compile a list of the top 3 social media gurus on the internet who I believe can help entrepreneurs leverage their efforts.

Here’s the list of top 3 gurus help leverage your social media efforts:

1. Mari Smith – She’s available on Her main focus is facebook and twitter marketing. She has some basic courses to get you started. And the big advantage with Mari is she is easily accessible and almost always replies to her facebook wall comments.

2. Pete Cashmore – Pete is founder and CEO of the world’s largest blog focused exclusively on social media. His blog has to be on your bookmarks if you are serious about using social media to leverage your marketing efforts.

You can read several of his posts on

3. Michael Stelzner – He blogs about social media on the socialmediaexaminer. He’s been instrumental in publishing a free social media marketing industry report which is a very valuable resource that lets you know how much time marketers invest in social media activities, top benefits of social media, most used social media tools, what benefits marketers are achieving with the social media activities and much more.

This is probably one of the rare industry reports I have seen on social media marketing.

This report gives you a snapshot at social media marketing and what everybody else is doing in social media. You can get the free report here.

Hope you enjoyed this short list. Add your own short list of social media experts in the comments box below.

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