Durable barcodes are great for extreme temperatures

Durable barcodes are great for extreme temperatures

If you need barcodes in an industrial setting with lots of heat and caustic chemicals, then durable barcodes are the best. Not only do they last a long time in harsh environments, but they also have many additional benefits that make them as useful as possible for any business. There are several different options available to you. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they all have many benefits.

There are two types of materials available for durable barcodes. You can get either metal or polyester. Polyester barcodes are inexpensive and take very little time to make, but metal one are the most durable and permanent. If your business environment isn’t too demanding, then polyester should be just fine.

Heat Threshold
Both metal and polyester barcodes have certain heat thresholds, but they can both stand high temperatures. Polyester barcodes are able to withstand about 302 degrees F, whereas most metal barcodes can withstand about 650 degrees F. There are other metal labels made specifically for incredibly high temperatures that can resist temperatures of 1,200 degrees F if needed.

This ensures that even the most demanding environment can have great barcodes that will last for years.

Chemical Resistance
Extreme temperatures and caustic chemicals almost always go together. The good thing is that durable barcodes are made to resist both heat and chemicals. A durable barcode is either made from a material that is resistant to chemical erosion, or it has a covering that boosts its resistance.

The majority of durable barcodes are great against salts, solvents, acids and many other types of chemicals. They will last a long time even if harsh chemicals are used right next to them.

Faded and illegible barcodes are useless because they are meant to be read and scanned. If you can’t gather any information from the barcode, then what’s the purpose of having it? Not only are durable barcodes resistant to temperature and chemicals, but they have excellent readability. They are made with quality printers that ensure that you will be able to read and scan the label for years.

Another major thing is that the metal labels have an extra layer protecting them. This means that the words and barcodes will not fade or scratch. Polyester labels won’t last as long, but they will definitely have great readability for many years if they are used properly.

Both types of durable labels are meant to permanently adhere to whatever surface you place them on. Make sure that you position them correctly because they are very difficult to remove. Polyester and metal barcode labels both have a thick and sold layer of adhesive material that permanently bonds to almost any surface. You can place them on plastics, metals and woods without any problems.

If you get metal labels, then you can also have holes placed in the labels so that you can screw them into place. This is even better because it anchors the label right against the surface.

Best Businesses and Uses
Barcodes labels are best used to label products, supplies and even certain archived records. They can also be used to label assets like hardware and equipment to ensure that you can easily keep track of everything within the company.

Most businesses will love durable labels, but some of the most common businesses include laboratories, food processing plants, chemical and medical production plants, marine environments, textile manufacturers and petroleum processors. If your company has an industrial or manufacturing plant, then chances are that these labels will prove very useful as they can withstand the harsh environments without breaking down.

Finding the Best Label
Finding the best label can be difficult, but you can make things easier by just speaking to a representative. He or she will talk to you about your company to see what the environment is like. The representative will then be able to recommend the best labels based on your needs.

If you run an industrial or manufacturing company, then you need durable barcode labels to keep up with the heat, chemicals and other trying circumstances. If you don’t, then your labels will just fall apart within weeks. Durable barcode labels are great for any business because they offer many necessary benefits that you will love.

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