Heating your Business: How to Save Money this Summer

Heating your Business: How to Save Money this Summer

As a business, there’s no better time to try new incentives and save a few quid on your overheads than during the summer months. With the warm weather in full swing (or, at least, it should be), it’s a great time to adopt new practices and incorporate new ideas into your working environment.

While British Gas commercial electricity tariffs are some of the most competitive around, without trying to reduce your energy consumption, the savings you will see as a business won’t be as rewarding as if you target your usage too. If you think you are paying over the odds on your electricity, you can get a commercial electricity quote online to see what change switching providers will offer.

Save money on heating equipmentHeating is a major contributor to business energy bills. Whether you use gas or electricity to heat your premises, there are plenty of ways in which you and your staff can help to keep costs low while also impacting positively on the environment in which we live and work. How to save money this summer?

Turn Off Equipment

During the summer, chances of you needing to use the radiators in your workplace are slim to none. Rather than leaving this to chance, turn them off completely unless absolutely necessary.

If you have more than one boiler, do you need to keep them all on? Analyze your usage and see whether you can do without one or more of your boilers, keeping at least one on for your hot water requirements.

Use Time Controls

Most workplaces aren’t occupied 24 hours a day so use timed controls to reflect this. If you operate a standard 9-5 business, use controls so that the heating/boilers are on during these peak hours and switched off after the last staff members leave for the night. This will also take the responsibility away from the staff so they don’t have to remember to turn heating off themselves.

Use these timers to ensure your heating doesn’t come on at all during the weekend, out of hours.

Turn Down the Thermostat

If you want to stay on the safe side and keep the radiators on, make sure you turn down the thermostat. One degree can make a huge difference, let alone if you can lower it even more.

Combine these simple practices with ensuring you optimize the use of natural light, by closing blinds at the end of the day and keeping doors and curtains open during office hours and you will see a positive change in your heating bill in no time.


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