How to use gift certificates to promote your business?

How to use gift certificates to promote your business?

Gift certificates are one of the most commonly used monetary equivalents to normal gifts. Normally a plastic card, they are characterized by voucher codes which are printed on them. Nearly every big MNC offers them in one way or another. Microsoft for instance, uses them for promoting the sale of their Xbox subscription and game titles. Let’s look at how it could be useful in your business too:

Earn new clients: Every entrepreneur wants to acquire new customers, So, what if you want to increase your customer base by a method which is easy and not troublesome?

Think about gift certificates!

It’s easy. Issue gift cards to potential clients. A good offer tempts the potential customer to become a long-term part of a company. Moreover, you can also reward your existing clients by issuing them gift certificates. It could help in the long-run as they would, consequently, bring in more new clients for your company.

The festivities: Festivals bring with them various opportunities for a business entrepreneur to expand and strengthen his business. Gift certificates related to different festivals can be issued to clients, which they can use to extend their warm greetings to their friends and family. When a company provides such services or offers to customers, they are always whole-heartedly accepted. In addition to this, initiating different offers like this for people from different walks of life generates more revenue. Think for instance, issuing special value gift certificates for the youth and the students. Usually, people buy more than the original value of the gift card, which in turn brings in additional profits to the entrepreneur.

The important clients: For any business organization, it is very necessary to recognize those clients who are involved in making high-value purchases. Gift certificates can be regularly issued to clients like them, preferably on a particular amount of sale. For instance, perhaps offer a gift card of a certain value on a purchase of more than $1000?

This encourages customers to buy more. Think about it this way. If a person wants to make a purchase of $900, he could possibly go on to buy the extra $100, just to avail the offer!

Research shows that gift certificates are one of the most favorite ways of gifting. Make your customers buy gift certificates which they can gift to their family and friends. Remember, gifting specific products to loved ones seems clichéd to many people today and gifting money seems improper. A gift certificate could be the perfect alternative for many of your customers.


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