Video Interview in the Hiring Process

Incorporating Video Into the Hiring Process

If you are entering the workforce for the first time, you may not be aware of just how much the job search process has changed in the last five to 10 years. But if you are returning to the workforce after a period of absence or you are seeking a new position to continue your career, you may be shocked by just how different the job search and interviewing process is. From the use of computer scanning tools to pre-screen resumes to videoconferencing as a replacement for face-to-face job interviews, there is much to learn about the new and improved job-search process.

Video Is a Major Player in Hiring Today

One major change is that the use of video technology has assumed a major role in the job search and hiring process. Video is seen in the recruiting and hiring process in four major ways in today’s job market.

  • Video-enhanced job descriptions have replaced traditional job descriptions.
  • Video-enhanced resumes have supplanted black-and-white paper resumes.
  • Video conferencing often precedes— and sometimes replaces — face-to-face job interviews.
  • Video interviews

Understanding how video is used to facilitate the job search process can put you in a better position to get hired for your dream job.

Video-Enhanced Job Descriptions

For candidates who are seriously searching for their dream job, it may feel like the home-court advantage always falls to the employer. However, at the recent ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo, it was reported that employers annually spend in excess of $140 billion trying to fill open positions with qualified candidates. When viewed from this perspective, it becomes easier to understand why employers are using video and graphics to “spice up” their job descriptions in hopes of attracting the best candidates.

Video-Enhanced Resumes

In the same way, candidates who want to stand out from competitors are incorporating short videos, graphics and other visual aids into their resumes. With the aid of cloud storage, social media and online networking, video-enhanced resumes help to form an initial professional and positive connection between the recruiter and a potential job candidate. With video-enhanced resumes you can emphasize your advanced educational background, such as holding a masters degree in human resources, or elaborate on job skills that can contribute to the organization you wish to join.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is fast becoming an economical way to pre-screen many more candidates than a recruiter would have time to interview in a face-to-face setting. In some situations video interview is even replacing the traditional face-to-face job interview. Video interview is made easy through useful free or very inexpensive tools such as webcams and Skype. With video conferencing, the recruiter and candidate can meet and establish a more mutually useful initial connection than would be possible via either email or phone.

How Video Technology Affects the Hiring Process

While there are many advantages to the introduction of video into the recruiting and hiring process, by the same token the use of video presents new challenges. Here are some common challenges to be aware of when incorporating video into your presentation and package.

  • You may wish to seek extra coaching for how to interview well in a video-based setting. Candidates who are not familiar with the video interview process often seek out extra coaching or training for how to present themselves most effectively in a video-based environment.
  • You may want to seek help to develop your on-camera presentation skills. Presenting a video-based resume can prove problematic for candidates who do not feel comfortable being filmed. You will want to consider what to wear, how to do your makeup for film (for both males and females), how your script reads when spoken, lighting, setting and more when producing an effective professional video for job search purposes.
  • You may need to invest financially in your candidate package.Upgrading your resume to include a video component can and often does require an initial financial investment to ensure you have a professional-grade end product to display to recruiters.

With the proper preparation, video technology can offer both employers and job candidates new and exciting tools to put their best foot forward in the most efficient way possible.

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Mahesh Sheong holds his masters in human resources. He thoroughly enjoys his job as a recruiter for a regional staffing company. Mahesh conducts several interviews each week via video conferencing to place qualified candidates.


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