How Much Does a Logo Actually Affect Your Business? 

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Is your business really a business without a logo? Of course, it is, but a logo can take your company to the next level. It helps establish your business’s foundation and how current and potential customers perceive you. There are very real ways a logo can impact a business. Here are 17 of them. 

Establishes Your Brand’s Visual Identity

Your business logo is a massive part of your brand’s visual identity. It’s one of, if not the first things people see when they visit your website, social media, or store. Because consumers are known to make snap judgments, your logo becomes that much more critical. 

If customers are going to form an opinion about your brand in a few seconds, give them an eye-catching, high-quality logo to sway them. 

Communicates Your Brand Voice and Personality

Your brand’s voice and personality are essential to helping your business thrive. When you have a unique brand voice and personality, it’s easier to stand out among the competition. Connecting with your customers is also seamless. 

You can communicate brand voice and tone through the font you use in your logo. In addition, the image or design elements you use in your logo can show your brand’s personality, whether it’s laidback, blue-collar, or professional. 

Attracts Your Unique Audience

A logo can be a huge factor in attracting your unique audience. The colors, images, and other visual elements you use in your logo should resonate with your target audience. They should also speak to the core values you and your customers hold, which draws your audience even closer to your brand. 

Connects With Your Audience Emotionally

The right logo will also make an emotional connection with your audience possible. Color triggers emotion. So do typography and imagery. You can use the right combination of these things to evoke a particular emotional connection with your brand when people see your logo. 

Makes a Good First Impression

That emotional connection can happen the first time someone sees your logo if you create the right one. In other words, your logo can incite an excellent first impression with potential customers. They’ll be more inclined to continue their relationship with your business when the first time they encounter it is special. 

Builds Brand Awareness

Your logo can help you build brand awareness too. You want people to come across your brand, and it be so memorable that they don’t forget it. Part of building an unforgettable brand people admire and a reputation that precedes you is through the visual elements you use, especially your logo. 

Makes You Recognizable

A fantastic logo not only makes it easier for people to become aware of your brand, but it also makes it so they recognize it in future interactions. So, whether your customers see you on social media, read one of your infographics, visit your website, or see your company flyer in their local grocery store, your logo will help them know it’s you.  

Enables Brand Consistency

In your efforts to ensure your brand is recognizable through your logo, you’re also enabling brand consistency. Putting your logo on every piece of marketing material, every internal-facing piece of content, every digital channel, and throughout your physical locations keeps you consistent. 

Inspires Trust

Your logo also inspires trust. Wherever your customers engage with your brand, they know it’s you because your logo is present. And whenever they see that logo, it also sets the tone for the experience your customers will have. They know what to expect, and hopefully, it’s something they’re looking forward to. 

When your customers know who they’re interacting with and the brand experience they can expect, the level of trust grows. 

Makes a Statement on Accessibility

Accessibility is and should always be a priority in your company. The goal is for everyone in your target audience to be able to interact with your business on and offline regardless of ability, background, or experience. 

Even if you haven’t achieved this goal in its entirety, your logo is a good starting place to make a statement on accessibility

For example, using high-contrast colors in your logo makes images more readable and accessible. Refraining from lots of animation or cutesy fonts shows your knowledge of and appreciation for accessibility as well.  

Communicates Your Company Values

Aside from accessibility, you can communicate other core company values through your logo. 

For instance, let’s say you choose a green color scheme for your logo. Green is typically used by brands committed to nature and bettering our planet’s health. So, if sustainability is a core value, this is a great option. 

Or, if you and your customers value creativity, it’s a good idea to incorporate creative elements into your logo. Again, it’s all about tying in who you are and what you stand for in everything you use to create your logo. 

Gives a Glimpse into Your Products/Services

Your logo can also give customers a glimpse into your products or services. For example, if you sell video games, you can use an image of a video game controller in your logo, so people know what products you’re likely to sell. 

Another example is a company that sells subscriptions to computer software. In this case, the company could use a computer symbol in its logo to give a glimpse into the products and services they sell. 

With the right images or symbols in your logo, you can communicate what you’re offering to customers. 

Shows Your Professionalism

Logos are a great way to show professionalism. People are more likely to engage with a brand that looks well-put-together. In other words, they like brands that take ownership of how the public perceives them. 

A quality logo and accompanying visual brand elements show your professionalism. Being intentional about your brand voice and personality does too. So does being hyperfocused on customer experience and ensuring all of your marketing channels are consistent. 

Shares Your Commitment to Quality

In addition to professionalism, your logo is a way to share your commitment to quality. For example, suppose you’re constantly telling customers that you’re committed to providing quality products, service, and overall customer experience. In that case, that quality standard should ring true throughout your entire business, including the logo you create. Don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to quality. 

Differentiates You From the Competition

One of the best things a logo can do for your business differentiates you from your competition. You can communicate parts of your business’s foundation, visually express your company’s purpose, and connect customers to your mission with your logo. All of these things set you apart from your competitors. 

Every time a customer looks at your logo, you want them to think of not just your business but all of the beautiful things it is and does that make you different from the competition. So, spending time finetuning your logo is a brilliant move. 

Boosts the Customer Experience

Your logo can absolutely boost the overall customer experience as well. 

Your logo could be why a customer has an excellent first impression of your brand. Then, the relationship might continue because of how consistent their experience is with your visual branding elements. And finally, customers may become loyal ones because they appreciate the values, professionalism, and quality commitment you’ve shown through your logo. 

Ultimately, your logo could be why a customer’s experience with your brand starts off on the right foot and continues long-term. 

Grows With Your Business

If all goes well, your business will grow. And as your business evolves, your customer needs wants, and desires will too. Your industry, market, and competition will also change over time. 

As a result, you may have to consider a complete rebrand or a simple refresh to stay relevant to your industry and your customers. Either situation may require you to update or change your logo. 

However, if you decide not to change or update your logo when you need to, it can turn your current customers off. So much so that they don’t return to your business. And that can do a number on your business’s bottom line. 

So, your logo can and should grow with it when your business grows. 


As you can see, your logo can greatly affect your business. But you must put in the time and effort it takes to create a high-quality logo that resonates with your customers to get the above benefits. Here’s some guidance on how to create and ensure your logo has a positive impact on your business: 

  1. Always put your customers first when designing your logo. Every design decision should factor in your customer’s needs, interests, and expectations.  
  2. Carefully consider the color scheme, font, typography, and images you use in your logo to ensure accessibility is a priority. 
  3. Consider your business’s core values and those you share with your customers when designing your logo. 
  4. Enlist the help of a professional logo designer if you need to. 

By starting with these tips, you’ll be well on your way to establishing a solid brand identity, boosting your business, and connecting with your customers through your logo. 


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