Management Systems that Save Time and Money

Management Systems that Save Time and Money

You could have to hire three or more employees just to keep up with all of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. However, just being aware of EPA and OSHA rules is not enough to prevent your small business from violating one or more of the rules, violations that could force your firm to pay fines and penalties. Fortunately, there is a workaround. To ensure your workforce remains in compliance with federal and state EPA and OSHA regulations, you need a reliable e-compliance management system. More and more small businesses are incorporating eCompliance management systems into their every day structure to save time and money.

Benefits Built Into An E-Compliance Management System

An e-compliance management system should save you time and money as well as reduce your small business’ non-compliance risks. Additionally, an e-compliance management system should identify files located on your firm’s computer systems. To save time, effective systems will also automatically copy or transfer computer files to designed compliance areas. For example, an e-compliance management system can search for all files that contain keywords like “legal,” “budget” or “employee relations,” then move the files to designated “Finance Compliance” and “Law Compliance” folders. The work is done behind the scenes, keeping technologists and other employees at your firm from having to manually review and sign off on the documents.

Besides automating the storage of compliance related documents and files, an e-compliance management system can also:

  • Manage your small business’ health and safety binder
  • Automate the updating of training records
  • Review program requirements, including policies your firm is responsible for adhering to
  • Email notices about overdue safety action items to members of your management and IT teams, increasing the likelihood that these individuals are kept aware of changes and updates made to safety programs and systems at your business
  • Maintain records of all policies that are read and signed by your workforce (If you operate a business that requires your customers to read and sign policies, the management system can also track and maintain these legal documents.)

Amongst the programs a management system can track for you are:

  • AASP-SECOR Safety and Health Management Software System
  • ENFORM-SECOR Safety and Health Management Software System
  • ACSA COR Safety and Health Management Software System
  • Ontario OHS Compliance Framework that’s based on Workwell
  • Small Business Workwell (Ontario Compliance Framework for Small Businesses)

E-compliance management system software packages are web based, intuitive and easy-to-use, often requiring no training to begin using. Additionally, if local, state or federal regulators directed you to submit additional records due to the fact that you failed a previous audit, you could use an e-compliance management system to address and manage recommendations auditors gave your small business.

As the numbers of local, state and federal regulations, particularly in the environmental, health and safety fields, increase, the time it could take staff at your firm to remain in compliance with applicable regulations will likely only increase. This is a reason approximately 1,000 companies use an e-compliance management system to maintain and review their compliance programs.

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