How To Implement Social Media Into Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

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The world is saturated by social media, making it one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.

It can be completely free and gives you the power to access an enormous new audience that you would struggle to reach without social media. The best part is, anyone can use it.

Whether you are a large real estate company looking to take your content to the next level, or you are just starting out and need a few tips, look no further!  

Why Is It Important?

The benefits of social media for any business are clear. Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy enables you to instantly engage with your target audience, build a strong sense of branding, reach a large audience for a low cost, and create a community around your business.

You can also utilize social media in order to run targeted paid advertisements which can be highly effective when done properly. Knowing how and when to use social media is a valuable skill that can completely transform your business.

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Best Social Media Channels

The following are some of the best media channels you can leverage for your business.

Let’s check how each one works as a marketing channel.


Facebook is one of the best tools out there for many reasons.

Firstly, it has over 2.7 billion active monthly users which is an unbelievable amount of people. Of course, you won’t be reaching all of them, however, it is a given that when you are putting your business’ name out there with the potential reach that Facebook offers, great things can happen.

You can create a profile to post for free as well as pay for advertisements on the platform that are directed at your target audience. The thing to note here is that Facebook has no limits. Any business, of any size, has the potential to thrive on this platform.


Something that sells real estate is fantastic images, making Instagram a great place to advertise.

Instagram’s entire premise is focused on images and videos, which luckily act as the perfect promotional content for properties. People use Instagram as a source of inspiration, meaning users will either tag friends in photos or send images to friends or family if they find something interesting or inspiring.

The focus on visual content more so than other platforms means that the properties you are advertising are more likely to be shared or commented on. The absolute key here is to make sure you have professional quality photos to share on the site, as well as information about the property in the caption, and you have every possibility of reaching the perfect buyer. 


If you’re wanting to attract professionals, investors, and business people to your real estate business, LinkedIn would be a great place to start.

The nature of LinkedIn’s system ensures that each post has the potential for significant and targeted reach. For example, if you wanted to advertise commercial property auctions, LinkedIn would certainly be the place to do it, as you are far more likely to find people who are open to making significant investments than on Facebook or Instagram.

Connect with people and other businesses related to your own and you are far more likely to reach people who would be interested. 


TikTok is a relatively new social media platform that has taken the world by storm.

It involves creating short-form videos, with the convenient format of the app making it easy for users to spend hours and hours scrolling. Content can be filmed and edited in the app which draws many users’ love.

This is a fantastic platform to allow you to easily create simple content that can reach a vast audience. Whilst the app was initially most popular amongst Generation Z, millennials also make up a significant amount of the users now, meaning it is a great place to target people wanting to get onto the property ladder. 

Top Content Ideas for Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Content Ideas for Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Certain types of content work best for certain social media channels.

The key here is to be creative in your content creation process and to not be afraid in exploring different content ideas. The principles work similarly when using other channels, but some work better.

Let’s check the following content ideas for a certain social media platform.

House Tours – Perfect for Facebook

Longer videos that offer a detailed insight into something are great for Facebook. Get your company out there by highlighting your most exciting or extravagant listing and offering a glamorous house tour. Video one of your real estate agents showing the viewers around a property, highlighting its best features whilst remaining personable. This could potentially achieve three things.

Firstly, the video could sell the house. One of your followers, or a friend of one of your followers, could come across the video and fall in love with the house. Alternatively, someone could see the video and see that you have a welcoming and approachable staff, putting your company at the top of their priority list when they come to buy a house. Finally, someone could see the content and enjoy it, perhaps tag a few friends and then follow you. This will increase your following and provide another person who may share your content which could lead to sales in the future. 

Showing the kind of properties you sell in a unique and exciting way, alongside some of your best real estate agents, will provide great content for your Facebook followers.

A Day In The Life Of – Perfect for Instagram

Instagram is a platform suited to still images or shorter video content, making a ‘day in the life of…’ video a great option. Every month, why not create one of these videos to introduce your team to your followers. Film an agent in one of their best houses briefly, focusing on the best bits, and include the property details in the caption.

Then, show the agent going about the rest of their day, interacting with people in the office, going to lunch, or maybe doing a quick gym class in their lunch break. Alternatively, you could create a short video of what happens at an open house, once again showing the most impressive elements of the house whilst including the details in the caption.

This will give your followers an idea of the real people behind the account, rather than just posting lots of pictures of properties or discussing upcoming events in a sterile and overly promotional way. Making it fun and letting followers get to know the staff will make them more likely to work with you when buying a house in the future. 

Client Success Stories – Perfect for LinkedIn

Using success stories to share your brand name is best to do on LinkedIn. The platform is centered around sharing stories and interesting insights, so using the experience of someone who thoroughly enjoyed working with you will make your business shine. Target a professional that you have worked with and ask if they would mind giving a short statement about their experience. Perhaps they successfully bought a property you were selling through an auction after you advised them of the best way to get a good deal. 

Think outside the box and consider what LinkedIn users would find interesting. Your main priority when it comes to creating content for any platform is to make it interesting for any user who comes across it. If making a sale is your primary concern, the content will probably seem inauthentic and ‘salesy’ to your audience. So, focus on creating a good experience for your audience and the sales will naturally follow. 

Answering FAQ’s – Perfect for TikTok

It is never difficult to come up with inspiration for TikTok content as there are always so many popular trends for people to follow. This might be the newest dance or a catchy song that you can tailor to create relevant content for your audience.

A great way to use Tik Tok would be to answer frequently asked questions about the real estate industry featuring your realtors. Or, maybe a video could discuss common misconceptions about real estate. These categories of video are extremely popular on Tik Tok as they provide people with knowledge quickly and simply.

Making realtors appear to be relatable and interesting through Tik Tok will build a strong and positive brand for your company. 

In Conclusion: Be Unique

Every business wants to be a part of social media thanks to all the benefits that come with it, however, this also means it is easy to get lost in a sea of other businesses similar to yours. The key thing here is to be unique and offer something different. 

Try running a competition to win a ticket to a fancy real estate charity ball or highlight some of the awards you have won. Share all the positive feedback you receive from customers and create unique video content that will make them laugh.

You have so many options, but you should focus on creating something that your audience won’t be able to find anywhere else. 

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So, there you have it! A few tricks and tips to get you started when it comes to using social media as a part of your real estate marketing strategy. Think about your audience, use the most appropriate social media channel, create exciting content, and do something unique.

Create a plan and regularly update it to keep up with trends. By doing these things, you have every chance of being successful on social media. 

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