Friends or Followers: Where does a good leader draw the line?

Giving bad news is way worse than receiving it. Now imagine when you have to break it to your team, who may also happen to be close friends. Leadership styles vary according to our personality and preferences, but one dilemma a good leader has is “How am I going to treat my team, as members […]

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Types of Leadership. Autocratic Leadership Or Democratic Leadership? Which is better?

The common belief among the general public is: autocratic leadership is bad and democratic leadership is good. But, some professionals say that both styles of leadership are absolutely necessary. Which of these statements are true? Before making further comments, let me first introduce you to both types of leadership and then allow you to be […]

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Who is a leader? How Are Leaders Different From Their Followers?

Who is a leader? How are great leaders different from the rest? John C. Maxwell said, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” Being a leader is not about position or title but rather about action. Here are some ways leaders should be differentiate themselves from their […]

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Mindset Of A Great Leader

Unlike the popular belief, the phrase “born as a leader” somehow does not fit into what some leaders had to say about leadership. When Warren Bennis interviewed great leaders, they all agreed, “Leaders are made, not born, and made more by themselves than by any external means.”  John C. Maxwell, a leadership master said, “The […]

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Is That the Right Guest Speaker for You?

When it comes to motivating your employees and management to step up to the plate and swing hard for the fences, you want to make sure that when choosing from among the many guest speakers out there, you pick the one that will resonate with – and therefore inspire – your staff to greater action […]

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