A CEO’s Guide to C-Suite Communication 

As a chief executive officer, you play a key role as a decision-maker and a communicator. You are the focal point in communication between all kinds of different parties. This includes board members, stakeholders, customers, employees, and your overall C-suite team of executives. Your central role as the governing voice of a company relies heavily […]

By Guest Writer | Leadership

How to Manage Anxiety and Maintain Productivity in a Fast-Paced, High-Level Role

If you’re having difficulty working from home or finding it hard to focus at the office, anxiety might be the culprit. Countless professionals across the country experience the pressures of looming deadlines and an increased workload. However, these everyday stressors might have you feeling overwhelmed, resulting in something called high functioning anxiety. Executives with this […]

By Guest Writer | Productivity

A Guide on Creating an Outstanding Business Plan For Startups [Templates Include]

A startup is often the product of someone’s bold idea. However, one idea is not enough to bring a startup to life. For success, you need to draw up a detailed business plan because it is a well-written plan that will allow you to structure all ideas and draw up a path to implementing the […]

By Guest Writer | Business

10 Killer TikTok Strategies to Boost Your Audience Engagement

TikTok’s popularity is rising quickly, and it is one of the most downloaded applications in the social media world. If you’re wondering whether TikTok is worth it for your industry or not, you have to speed up your decision-making.  Compared to other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, TikTok is still a fresh and […]

By Guest Writer | Marketing

7 Vital Steps to Create a Killer Content Strategy for Your Business

Every expressive form you use to attract new customers—text, images, videos, information on your website—falls under the same category known as content. Your connection with the audience and your position on the market highly depends on the content you publish.  The relevance of content in the business world has led us to a process that […]

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Recruiting Red Flags: 5 Things That Turn Off Real Estate Agents

As a real estate brokerage or recruiter, it is only reasonable to have a specific set of qualifications when it comes to hiring agents. At the end of the day, a brokerage is a business with goals to meet. The people you hire have a direct influence on whether or not you achieve these milestones. […]

By Guest Writer | Recruitment

Your Definitive Guide on How to Build a Data-Driven Strategy for E-Commerce

One of the primary reasons people prefer online shopping is the low price tag. Other reasons include free shipping, speed of delivery, and the vast catalog of products. As such, providing free delivery is an effective strategy to attract customers. This is what a data-driven strategy for e-commerce looks like.  Data drive most business operations, […]

By Guest Writer | Sales

Why Escape Games Are Your Best Bet for a Team-Building Activity  

We all are aware of the importance of a vibrant environment that enhances our growth. When people are provided with encouraging ambiance, their productivity levels undoubtedly increase. So, whether you are a small startup stepping into the business market or a famous pre-existing company, you must know that a reliable workplace alongside motivated representatives is […]

By Guest Writer | Management

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