Three Benefits of Illuminating Signs

Three Benefits of Illuminating Signs

Exterior signage is used to draw attention to your business, making it smart to consider illuminating signs so that your signs perform just as well at night as they do during the day. Exterior signage can be illuminated from within or through the use of external lighting. No matter how you light up your exterior signs, you can expect several benefits.

Illuminating SignsThree Important Benefits of Illuminating Signs

  • Increased visibility – Light makes things easier to see, and it draws attention. Whether you want to assist customers who are searching for your business or attract the attention of passersby, lighting your signs can help. (Source: custom signs by Blue Pond Signs)
  • Nighttime visibility – Even if your business closes for the night, illuminated signs can serve as a silent billboard to people who happen by. Though your office may be closed at the moment, your sign may plant the idea to return during normal business hours.
  • Safety – Illuminated signs help first responders find your business in an emergency especially if it is dark outside.

Types of Illuminating Signs

Several types of illuminating signs exist including:

  • Channel letters – Channel letters are usually mounted on office buildings and shaped either as individual letters or logos. They include an internal light source with shines through the acrylic sign face.
  • Sign cabinets – These light boxes are usually square or rectangular boxes covered by an acrylic sign face. Lights housed inside the light box shine through the acrylic sign face and illuminate the sign.
  • Illuminated monument signs – Monument signs are large signs typically placed on the grounds of a company. They can be lit or unlit. Light sources for illuminated monument signs can be internal or external (such as flood lights mounted at the base of the monument).
  • LED illuminated signs – LED lights are bright and energy efficient. LED illuminated signs last far longer than fluorescent and neon signs, making LED illuminating signs an excellent choice for the long term.

Illuminating signs allow business signs to work even after the sun goes down. Choose an illuminated sign and increase your business’s visibility after hours.

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